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Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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If you have taken some time away from yoga, whether it's due to an injury or other life event, this is a great class to get you going once again. Fiji slows down the typical pace of her class to spend time re-establishing yoga principles while moving you through a fun, dynamic vinyasa class.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Slangley 3 years ago

This is the first video I've done from your site. it was great! I felt strong! Looking forward to more!
I love the 30 day challenge idea and that it will stay up on the site for us new/latecomers.
Thanks for making this free and accessible. I will use this site to help me get through the winter! :)

sophakig 3 years ago

Excellent class. Using the block to bring attention to the importance of proper foundations was very useful.

gayemarie brown 3 years ago

I fell out of a regular yoga practise and this was perfect to start -- she is a very good teacher, wonderful explanations and perfect pace if you haven't been practising in a while.

Kiratee 4 years ago

Like the previous commentator, I've also been doing yoga for a long time and usually practice daily, but sometimes find I'm going through the motions, rather than actually experiencing the sensations, the stillness, the breath. This wonderful class reminded me of those things. Thank you, Fiji - you're a fantastic teacher and I look forward to more :)

lisaellen 4 years ago

I've been doing yoga for a long time. Not consistently, of course, as we humans tend not to always do what is good for us! As I age my muscles get stiffer and it's harder to move fluidly, so I made up my mind to begin a daily yoga practice to see if I could earn my flexibility back. I started looking for a class when I noticed the 30-day challenge and decided to check it out. This first class with Fiji felt like I was learning yoga for the first time. I've realize how important a strong core is to good health and flexibility, but was amazed at how incredibly better each pose felt when I really concentrated on tightening my core muscles, thanks to Fiji's constant reminders. This class is a must for all yogis at all levels to remind them the importance of core strength for every pose. Thank you!

enevillesmith 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this video - I thoroughly enjoyed the practice and found that your prompts were ideal and really allowed me to get more out of each of the poses.

I also really appreciated the breaking-down of the transitions.


inaramorgan 4 years ago

It has been too long since I stepped foot on my mat. That was AMAZING!! Perfect practice to remind me there is strength in my body, and that I'm more than capable of moving! Thank YOU!

Dakota Drummer 4 years ago

Thanks for a wonderful return to practice class! This 30-day challenge inspired me to renew my practice after focusing on a new kettlebell practice over this past year. I have lost a bit of mobility but know that it will return. I will take my time on this 30-day challenge and do 2 classes each week along with my kettlebell practice. I look forward to more new yoga classes. Fiji, your classes are always so great.

hannah.light 4 years ago

Such a wonderful Vinyasa sequence! I am feeling awakened and alive in spirit and body :) Thank you, Namaste.