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Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (384 votes)
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If you have taken some time away from yoga, whether it's due to an injury or other life event, this is a great class to get you going once again. Fiji slows down the typical pace of her class to spend time re-establishing yoga principles while moving you through a fun, dynamic vinyasa class.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Roxana.L 3 years ago

It was fine and gives me some good and powerful energy.
Thank you!

lhench11 3 years ago

That felt SO good! Strengthening and opening. I shook in a few different poses, but it felt so great! Namaste!

visaiah 3 years ago

I appreciated the pregnancy yoga with you...less so now that I'm out of practice ;) With the baby settled in a good schedule I'm ready to get back at it. This was a great first class for me to see where I'm at without the frustration of a beginner's level.

Johannasjo 3 years ago

I come back to this class whenever there has been a gap in my practice. It's such a great way to "re-train" the body and remember the details of the basic asanas. Thank you!

azurikai 3 years ago

Thank you for this great reintroduction to foundational movements, Fiji.

I learned a lot of new things from you and from my experimentation with my own asanas.


birdhound 3 years ago

A huge help towards rebuilding my strength after birth, especially with the block work! Not just for post-partum, but would recommend it be added to those videos :)

KSS714 3 years ago

I'm a first time DYWM user and this class was great for coming back to the mat. I've been out for almost a year, and I found this class refreshing but not un-challenging. I was worried it would be too much but it was perfect.