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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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If you have taken some time away from yoga, whether it's due to an injury or other life event, this is a great class to get you going once again. Fiji slows down the typical pace of her class to spend time re-establishing yoga principles while moving you through a fun, dynamic vinyasa class.



I've been away from the mat
Beckelia 2 weeks ago

I've been away from the mat so long and I hadn't realized how much my strength and flexibility had deteriorated ! This video called attention to it in the gentlest way possible and made me feel good about being back on the right path to a healthier body and mind. Thanks Fiji!

Revisiting 1 month later
terriblemonde 3 weeks ago

I did this class for the first time with the 30-day challenge and am re-doing it now after a month of practice. What a difference! I can't believe how much my flexibility and strength has improved. The block has moved to a lower level, the jumps are down to one per move, the transition from up to down dog is fluid and solid. I love this class for the reminders on the fundamentals. Thanks for the great class Fiji. Thank you DYWM for helping me reclaim my body. Still (always) a ways to go, but I'm on the right path.

Great intro to Intermediate Challenge
Rbreid73 3 weeks ago

I've just progressed from the beginner 30 day challenge and know from past experience how much of a step up some of Fiji's classes can be. This was a great introduction though, working my body in different ways, reintroducing chataranga to my vocabulary through a flowing set of progressively demanding poses, Fiji's delivery is almost poetic, as she guides you through the poses. Often, it's as though she's in the room with me, correcting my misalignments! I'm looking forward to what lies ahead over the coming month.. thank you Fiji. .

This was a great re
jerridot 3 weeks ago

This was a great re-introduction to yoga. Thank you--just what I needed!

Day 31 I continue the Challenge

Thank you Fiji for this wonderful class that has taken me from Beginner to Intermediate. I have done it two days in a row and it is helping me grow stronger in my core, shoulders and wrists. 32 days ago I had never done yoga and your challenge has changed my life. Thank you!

Timing couldn't be better
SMHB78 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for this lovely practice! It was a perfect fit. The past two and half months have involved 2 surgeries, 5 bedside procedures, stress, fatigue, and pain. I needed this. My body finally feels ready to go gently back to the mat and this was an amazing welcome. Thank you so much. Looking forward to having this challenge to help me heal.

Back to my mat
Ameyc2 1 month ago

It's been a long two month trek for me recovering from surgery and abdominal digestive issues! I've missed the mat so much and was so encouraged when Fiji was there to help guide us through! Thank you!
So much!

I haven't been able to get to
meltom0151 1 month ago

I haven't been able to get to yoga for a while with a new job, I was really missing it, this was a great way to get back into it. It was pitched just right for me, and I feel ready to take on the 30 day challenge. thank you

First practice with DoYogaWithMe
Slangley 1 month ago

This is the first video I've done from your site. it was great! I felt strong! Looking forward to more!
I love the 30 day challenge idea and that it will stay up on the site for us new/latecomers.
Thanks for making this free and accessible. I will use this site to help me get through the winter! :)