30 Minutes of Power

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.8 (40 votes)
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Add some zip to your day with this beginner/intermediate, strengthening power yoga flow. It's a great workout for your core, chest and upper body, and it finishes with a sweet and relaxing savasana.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


dvells69 2 months ago

I love this practice! Perfect amount of time on a busy day, and hits everything for strength and some stretch.

Michele72 2 months ago

This was amazing! I’m in that middle area between beginner and intermediate and this is perfect for that “place”. I can also see it being good for an intermediate who wanted to slow things down for a bit but still wants to work! Good job!

Piecat 2 months ago

Thank you for an energising session. I checked my heart rate during the flow and I was just below 70% of my maximum heart rate which is a high moderate level of aerobic exercise. Happy days! If I work harder it will increase which means i would be getting even more heart benefit. Lovely!

Dianebertram 6 months ago

A great all-over body workout in a short amount of time. Loved it!

ama1031 7 months ago

What a great class to heat up with and build strength.

terkalin 7 months ago

Loved this half hour stretch and strengthening sequence. Both familiar and new. 30 minutes ago I was groggy. Now, my mind and body are buzzing and I even broke a sweat. Thanks for this great option, Rachel.

Dnakagawa 8 months ago

Thank you for an invorating morning practice. Just the right amount upon waking and staring a work day. This will be on repeat for me.

Rbreid73 8 months ago

Another fab sequence from Rachel - really hit the spot the morning in awakening the body & mind from the off. Any class that starts with a forearm plank is going to do that! The sequence itself was so interesting, dynamic - familiar poses taught with such precision, enthusiasm and imagination just makes me want to do it all over again. Thank you Rachel.

yogiAndermoser 8 months ago

Loved this class. In the past I avoided beginner classes, but am getting to love them!! This one was a super workout. Love taking time to really focus on proper alignment and technique. Thanks for another amazing class, Rachel!