30 Minutes of Power

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Add some zip to your day with this beginner/intermediate, strengthening power yoga flow. It's a great workout for your core, chest and upper body, and it finishes with a sweet and relaxing savasana.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Strength


mtaussig 1 month ago

This was a great class. Can you do a I hr session like this with some standing poses? Your cues are perfect.

Was short on time. Needed a quick, energetic class. This is what I was looking for and my body felt great afterwards! Definitely will be doing this class again. Thanks!

amleggett 1 month ago

Great class! The verbal instructions were spot on, making it easier to focus on the poses and not the screen. Thank you so much!

tarawrites 2 months ago

This was one of my first classes with Rachel and I just love her emphasis on alignment. I never thought the subtle movements of my feet would make such a difference!

outdooryoga 4 months ago

This is a good practice if you'd like guidance on alignment, positioning, and body awareness through most poses. Rachel is really good at explaining what's important. Poses are held longer than in a flow class, which is good for strength as the title suggests! Still, this one is on the lighter side so it's totally accessible for someone with a regular practice.

kdana 5 months ago

One of my favorites on this site! I keep coming back to it when I want a mini-workout with my yoga and I'm short on time. I love how clear Rachel's instructions are- even a beginner wouldn't have an issue following her. Thanks for a lovely practice, Rachel!

Spring05 6 months ago

Thanks Rachel, love this session - really gets me up and going. Your explanations are clear.

lovensup@gmail.com 9 months ago

Great flow...probably not meant for the day after leg day lol.
Thank you for a great sequence.
Your style of teaching resonates with my own style so interesting to listen to it as a student.