Yoga for the Feet

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Pamper your feet with this wonderful class that massages, stretches and strengthens your toes, feet ankles, calves, shins and knees. It's the least you can do, considering that we punish our feet daily by standing, walking, running and bouncing on them. Take 26 minutes to give your feet some love!


Stretches more than feet
GetStronger 1 month ago

My right foot and ankle need to be strengthened - this was a satisfying class, and not just foot exercises.

Plantar Fasciitis
Joshel83 2 months ago

I have severe Plantar Fasciitis, nerve issues and bone spurs in my feet. This prevents me from doing much of anything... I have had pt, shots, inserts, etc..... Helps for a while but doesnt last. Hoping this will help

Doing the 30 day challenge in
LydiaMS 3 months ago

Doing the 30 day challenge in my own order. Loved this in the evening having been to my weekly hot yoga class.

Who knew?!?!
freshang23 3 months ago

This was so hard for me, and yet so good!! After upping my running mileage I knew my feet needed some love but had no idea how badly I needed it! Who knew you could build flexibility in your toes?!?! Love this. If you run, this is excellent.

Yoga for the feet!
Mozie 3 months ago

Good one! Great way to start the New Year, starting with the roots of our feet.
Thank you David.

Thank you David
Nature breath 4 months ago

Very good this one David. I just bought it. I had a weber c fracture and part a vanished ankle. I am really happy with this video.

Plantar Fasciitis
mommyofangels 4 months ago

Just started today... hoping this helps....will also try other beginner classes to stretch the rest of my legs... excited...

painful tootsies
Viviennemay 4 months ago

Thank you for this class. I wish there was more focus on the feet, particularly arthritis of the big toes.....yes I have that. I hope this helps my poor tootsies. They really hurt and it has effected my yoga practice and every day functionality.

I broke my ankle and foot and
Eclipse50 4 months ago

I broke my ankle and foot and have pain all the time. I have been starting my day with this class and notice the difference all day. Wonderful.

Broken ankle
AnnJ 4 months ago

Hi, I too broke my ankle this fall. I am really surprised that you are in pain. You should talk to your doctor (or change if he/she doesn't help) and get a physiotherapist. Two days after going to the physio, my knee did not hurt (because I did limp in a strange way before). The exercises here might be good, but you need also other aiming at rehabilitation of your foot. For instance, I had pain only one day after surgery, and there is a bunch of nails in my right leg/ankle. As example I have exercises for thighs, walking in stairs, standing on toes in a stair (with support). If you learn to walk again limping and keep limping it will be hard to relearn. It is not only the foot that needs exercises. Hope you get better.