Sun Salutations III

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This is the third in the series on our instructors' creative interpretations of the popular sun salutations. Tracy's light energy and smile make this fun vinyasa yoga flow a joy to move through. It's quick, gets your heart rate up and will help you get ready for work or help you recover after a long work day. (Please note: Each sun salutation video is a stand-alone practice. They don't need to be done together.)

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


OBell 4 years ago

An inspiration energising class. Thank you.

lizzynicho 4 years ago

I don't know how this would be a beginners yoga. I have no idea what you are saying it's going too fast. Should not be categorized as beginners

stoobs 4 years ago

A good strategy for some of these is to watch the video all the way through, before actually doing the class.

Ricsci 5 years ago

What a powerful way to start the day! I don't have a ton of time between appointments and this 15 min ish flow was perfect for a pick-me-up and grounding practice at the start or middle of my day. Broke a sweat too! Thanks Tracey, I'm smiling already!

pamelaw25 5 years ago

Can a person really practice yoga for weight loss, or to calm extreme anxiety or anger?

Jewels1 5 years ago

Great workout. A little too energizing for bedtime, but would definitely do in the morning. A challenge for the arms and upper back.
Thanks Tracey! You are inspiring!

sjrbmom 5 years ago

I was so glad to find this video because I had an instructor in the past who led great classes but didn't use yoga words - now I know she was doing using sun salutations and other vinyasa yoga elements, among other things. As others have said, it is an enjoyable and invigorating short workout.

I personally do not recommend doing it right before bedtime - it wound me up so now I'm doing it in the morning :).

perfectlyprabha 5 years ago

Great class to stretch back and re-energise in the middle of the working morning/day. Thank you, Tracey!

kate griffin 5 years ago

Beautiful quick practice! Perfect for before or after work- thanks!

vanessa40 5 years ago

Thanks you for this wonderful short class. I did not have much time but wanted to get a little yoga in today and this was perfect.