Sun Salutations III

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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This is the third in the series on our instructors' creative interpretations of the popular sun salutations. Tracy's light energy and smile make this fun vinyasa yoga flow a joy to move through. It's quick, gets your heart rate up and will help you get ready for work or help you recover after a long work day. (Please note: Each sun salutation video is a stand-alone practice. They don't need to be done together.)


A great warm up! I feel alive
tlarge 2 months ago

A great warm up! I feel alive and well. Thank you, Tracey!

Great start to the day

Wow. Tracy is fantastic. She gives really clear instructions and i loved this routine. Woke up late and still had time to do yoga.very happy

Just joined this site today
Zelliz 3 months ago

Just joined this site today and i love this video! Really gets your heart pumping! I can't wait to do the other videos as well! Fantastic!

Awesome 20 minutes workout.
wahmof10 5 months ago

Awesome 20 minutes workout. Thank you Tracy!

Awesome thank you tracy like
Margarete 6 months ago

Awesome thank you tracy like ypur spiritual guidance also.

feeling much more energised
estyblesty 7 months ago

feeling much more energised and also, I've noticed where my weakness lies - bodyweight strength!!

Fantastic way to start the
jace 7 months ago

Fantastic way to start the day, or a quick way to get the blood flowing at work! Thank you!

Perfect morning routine.
secretagent412 8 months ago

Perfect morning routine. Powers me up and gets my heart going with smooth flow I can do with a sleepy brain.

Great vinyasa salulations
Joanna Moore 10 months ago

Excellent energetic vinyasa flow to start the day. I like the simple beginning that gets the breath flowing before the more complex sequences start

Great start to the day
Joanna Moore 11 months ago

Thanks for this invigorating practice - a great start to the day. It's short but really gets the blood flowing and body warm.