Sun Salutations III

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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This is the third in the series on our instructors' creative interpretations of the popular sun salutations. Tracy's light energy and smile make this fun vinyasa yoga flow a joy to move through. It's quick, gets your heart rate up and will help you get ready for work or help you recover after a long work day. (Please note: Each sun salutation video is a stand-alone practice. They don't need to be done together.)

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


M.Doman 9 months ago

I had to take a few weeks away as I recovered from a small surgery. This was the most perfect welcome back ~ Thank You Tracey!

Camille816 10 months ago

I really love this class. It's a solid, vigorous, heat-generating practice in just a few minutes. It feels a little more like an intermediate level than beginner, on account of the plank-chaturanga-up dog sequences, but either way, I'll take it. This is in my bookmarks as a regular practice. Great work!

katielee23 1 year ago

Thank you, Tracey. That was lovely and energising and just what I needed this morning in a short time frame to warm me up and get my blood pumping (its winter here and 5 deg C- in Sydney, Australia)- and the sun isn't even up yet! Happy Monyay!! (no typo) :-)

cphebs 1 year ago

An amazing invigorating workout to start the day.......or more workouts :) Thanks Tracy

Hsiaolingdawson 1 year ago

I enjoy the practice very much. Though, I wish the pace could be slower--I found myself one or two steps behind. In fact, I have found lots of classes are much faster than I used to...

TaimiC 1 year ago

Whenever I need a short practice to get me ready and grounded for the day, this is it! Wonderful sequence, thank you.

TaimiC 1 year ago

Still an invigorating class. So glad you did this. Thank You!

elyssia 1 year ago

This has been my go to wake up flow for over a year! Thank you Tracey for you amazing cues….i go deeper and deeper, you really hold space…I really miss being in your classes in the physical but love practicing with you from afar…this class is especially yummy with some back ground flow music especially this track ..

gump.patrick 2 years ago

I enjoyed this routine so much, I was surprised when it was over! Each Sun Salutation is just a little different, so my mind isn't able to wander as much. Thanks for a wonderful class!