Rise and Shine

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (971 votes)
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There's no better way to start your day! Fiji compacts everything into 35 minutes, making this class perfect for those who need something quick in the morning. This class is a great workout, with lots of challenging poses and deep openers. If you would like to do more with Fiji, try her 14-Day Yoga Challenge or her 7-Day Chakra Healing Series.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


ChloeSydney 3 years ago

Good morning routine, the stiffness is gone and I am energized and ready to start the day. Thanks!

jpdillard 3 years ago

Great routine. I felt better, more energy, opened after the first 5 minutes. Good sweat, and great morning work out. I feel charged and focused.

sevisser 3 years ago

I come to the mat stiff and sleepy, I leave active and alert. This is one of my favourite classes. Thank you, Fiji!

woolcrafter 3 years ago

What a great class to start my day. Thank you for a wonderful energizing class

lea.muller@stud... 3 years ago

This is my go to class! My favouirte one at doyogawithme , i just wanted to say once more THANK YOU, Fiji!! You bring so much eneregy in my life, you make me feel so strong! Maybe one day I can come to your courses as well, but I am at the other side of the world. I wish you all the best!!!

Jane53 3 years ago

I was looking for a short energising pracice to start the day, and this one certainly fit the bill. It may be fairly short, but it didn't really feel like it given all that Fiji managed to pack into it, and she explained it all so well that I didn't need to look down at the screen at all. Appreciated the lack of music which I often find to be quite distracting and loved the quiet savasana at the end too. This will definitely become one of my (many) favourites. Thank you Fiji.

Kimby 3 years ago

Oh my glob! I feel great after this class.