Renewing Power in Flow: Twists

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (186 votes)
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Fiji redefines 'power' in this flow class by warming the body with vinyasa, then delivering a creative series of challenging twists. Highlighted by her amazing attention to detail, this vigorous class will leave you feeling blissed out and full of life. It is the first - and one of the shorter versions - of a series Fiji calls 'Renewing Power in Flow'.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


laineh 4 months ago

I've been a Fiji fan since day one and this practice did not disappoint. Great way to start the day!

karalittle 4 months ago

Question - the toes turned in and knees together on the wheel near the end seems to tweak my sensitive knees, is there a wider foot/knee placement variation?

Fiji McAlpine 4 months ago

Hi Kara,

Yes you can start with feet hips distance apart in a neutral alignment. I often cue starting with the toes turned in because as most people push up they turn their toes out.

Candicev 1 year ago

My partner and I are die hard Fiji fans. We've done nearly all her classes. I think this class is more advanced than intermediate. Quite intense pace, but great class nonetheless.

RikeYoga 1 year ago

Still a wonderful class! I used to practice it five years ago when I restarted yoga after an injury. It really brought me back on the mat and gave me strength and power. After years I did it again today and it´s still wow! I love the fast and strengthening flow. In its steadiness it´s quite meditative. Thank so much for it, Fiji!

Irishlove 1 year ago

I don't know why, but I found this class particularly intense and shook a bit and my breathing went ragged. I'm on 71 days straight of yoga, so that may partially be it. I also had damage to my olecranon when it was broken in a crash and therefore Vashistasana is something I am relearning (especially on the right side where the damage was/is). I'll come back to this practice or try the longer version(s) as I progress through healing. I feel this is an advanced intermediate due to the intensity. Thank you. Namaste from Ireland.

nadonado 1 year ago

Fiji's instructions are well paced and detailed. Follow her for a deep and powerful class.

Phoenixconnie 1 year ago

I wonder if it is possible to purchase video version of this class? Currently there is only audio version available.

Absolutely love this class, the movements and Fiji's calm and poised delivery. Thank you for keep my love of yoga alive and well!