Renewing Power in Flow: Twists

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Fiji redefines 'power' in this flow class by warming the body with vinyasa, then delivering a creative series of challenging twists. Highlighted by her amazing attention to detail, this vigorous class will leave you feeling blissed out and full of life. It is the first - and one of the shorter versions - of a series Fiji calls 'Renewing Power in Flow'.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


tesoro 4 years ago

Fiji does an amazing job of giving great cues and creating an invigorating flow. I'd have to say she's the best instructor I've ever had in my life!

Wonderful Instruction!
yogamattspe 4 years ago

Fiji's instruction is wonderful. She guides you into the pose, calling attention to specific alignment in a natural way with just the right guidance to make adjustments the feel right. I felt very refreshed and challenged in each pose, almost like I was doing these poses for the first time despite them being so familiar. The class builds a gentle heat, with a slow flow that accelerates slightly in the middle -- the perfect point to loosen the muscles and go deeper. I'm very grateful for discovering this class and recommend it to everyone! Thank you for sharing your practice, namaste!

My preferred class
Harriettmorton 4 years ago

I have tried several teachers and classes in this site. Now I feel compelled to write as I have probably done this class a dozen times. Her very clear, thorough explanations make me concentrate, requiring real effort on my part and producing a very satisfying experience. I will now try some of her other classes as well.

Thank you!
rozuMashka 5 years ago

Hello from Ukraine, Fiji! I registered here only to thank you for the beautiful classes you create! I have been doing yoga only for half a year now but I've noticed a big progress. And I have never had injuries while doing you classes. You're great! Thank you once more.

yogadoc 5 years ago

this is a phenomenal class. tons of content, beautiful instruction, lightness in power, relaxation and energy. i just loved it. thank you.

So Invigorating!
anikaogle 5 years ago

I am a beginning yoga instructor but have been practicing for a while. I really liked the way this class opened up my hips and my core. I feel really warm and helped me really appreciate the twist and movement of Vinyasa Yoga.

Grateful for the Great Instruction Here
yogacat73 5 years ago

Fiji McAlpine's flow videos are becoming my favorite. She provides the occassion for challenge yet she offers clear guidelines for successful posturing. Here, Fiji's instruction in regards to hip allignment becomes my work for the session. Thank you for keeping me aware and helping me to safely find stability in these twists. I will continue to use your videos to deepen my independent practice.

Beautifully Challenging
MoonGlow 5 years ago

Thank you Fuji for a challenging, yet renewing and opening practice! Although--at the end of the video, it seemed to get cut off with no formal ending :( . Just stopped between bringing the knees together and that was the end of the video at 58 minutes.

Video ending
Paul 5 years ago

Hi MoonGlow, Glad you liked the class. The video does have a formal ending and goes beyond 58 minutes. I just tested it and it seems to be working okay. Maybe a temporary bug?


Thanks Paul
MoonGlow 5 years ago

I just went back to the video and it seems it was a glitch. The part where my video 'ended at 58' was really the 40 minute mark. I guess the universe was telling me that I was done with my practice for the day :). I am excited to do the practice again tomorrow for the entire duration. Thanks!