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If a stiff, sore neck and headaches are a common experience for you, doing this class regularly will help ease the pain and discomfort. David guides you through an effective series of stretches and movements that release all of the muscles of the neck.


Great for migraine healing!
lologm 3 weeks ago

I had a migraine a week ago, and it left my neck so sore and tight. This class was amazing! Definitely part of my migraine recovery now. THANK YOU!

After a day's worth of staring at the computer, this is heaven!
Srividya 4 months ago

So calm and slow. This was just what I needed.

So nice I could do it twice!
Rnfromjmu 4 months ago

A very nice practice..... my neck was so tight, I probably would have benefited from doing this twice.... or pausing the video to hold each pose even longer. Thanks!

nipper 5 months ago

Mindful thorough neck release. Feels wonderful!

After doing this I think the
Helen Alford 6 months ago

After doing this I think the joint at the back of my skull needs some WD40, what a lot of noise and creaking - it made me a little squeamish tbh. But hopefully this has helped, it certainly feels like it.

Easy and effective
Clarab2 7 months ago

Thank you David. I love your flexibility work. My neck is popping as I type; I feel much more movement. The 30 day challenge is helping me in many ways. Looking forward to to tomorrow!

After falling on ice here in
margotkeyes 7 months ago

After falling on ice here in New England, this was JUST what I needed to feel whole again. Thank you!!

Love. Great for neck and back
chopper 7 months ago

I will put this in my favourites such a nice gentle effective stretch . Love the crickets and sunshine on your face David , beuatiful Sunday morning class . I sat on a block as I have back issues this worked well for me
Peace and love

8th day challenge
danifel 7 months ago

Thank you David! This challenge is the perfect idea to make people like me get mor engaged with yoga! Namaste!!