Release the Neck

David Procyshyn
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If a stiff, sore neck and headaches are a common experience for you, doing this class regularly will help ease the pain and discomfort. David guides you through an effective series of stretches and movements that release all of the muscles of the neck.


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Janlynnm 1 week ago

This is a treasure, and a great start for meditation.

Like a massage
perfecta25 1 month ago

I have chronic stiffness and pain from injuries and this always makes me feel like I've had a massage - I can do it even on my most painful days - it brigs back so much mobility!

Day 8 of 30
Maralepp 1 month ago

It's almost like you are reading my mind when you designed this class. I have chronic pain/stiffness and have been diagnosed with degenerative disks in my lumbar (and cervical) spine. This class will definitely be in heavy rotation, as I can already feel the space between my vertebrae opening up and making room for my nerves. Thank you so much; I'm grateful. Namaste.

Tension Release 1 month ago

The instruction in this class is just what I needed. All too often I forget to regard my neck and will find it aching or tender after inversions. My neck mobility after this short, but sweet class is always significantly improved. Thank you.

Neck release
Gaynor Walters 1 month ago

Thank you for this great neck release. My neck does feel lighter and much more free. Enjoying this challenge very much.

My headache cure
almqvistersoll 2 months ago

Thank you, David! I had forgotten about this one, and remembered it tonight after a day teetering on the edge of a migraine headache. This class loosened my neck up and is going to help me go to sleep without bringing all that tension with me, and my headache is almost gone. Seriously - thank you!

JBonnell 3 months ago

Hello David - thank you so much for this short session. I have chonic neck stiffness/pain, and this slow and gentle approach is perfect for me. It will definitely be in my rotation of daily neck stretches from now on :)

My go-to when I wake up with a headache
SmileMore 4 months ago

This practice always makes me feel better. Sometimes it even takes away my headaches completely. Thank you, David, for this gentle but effective class.

What a neck release!
katielee23 4 months ago

Thank you, David - that was THE best neck release. I'm going to bookmark your class for when I need it.

soshedid86 5 months ago

Short, sweet, and perfect for stretching the neck before bed. Thank you!