Progressing to Headstand

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is the perfect video for those aspiring to do headstand or simply to do headstand better. Fiji guides you through a flow that prepares the body for the strength and flexibility that well-executed headstand requires. She then demonstrates how to move into headstand safely with a partner or against a wall.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


NatiE 7 years ago

This was a great class, I could feel my upper body getting warm and energized. I will definitely repeat it and work up to a headstand.

MerryMary 7 years ago

This is an amazing class; a powerful flow and I just love the calm and precise teaching style of Fiji McAlpine. Thank you!
As usual, I could not finish a class that concentrates too much on inversions, but this is just because I have an angioma in my forehead that really hurts when I stay too much time with my head dropped down. So, it' all good: it's just the way I'm built :)
Again thank you Fiji, this was the longest I've ever been able to do lots of inversions and it's all due to your amazing ability to create well balanced and progressive flows :)

Ina Muresan 7 years ago

I was always affraid of going into headstand but this practice made me feel ready and made headstand feel sooo easy. I've been doing a lot of Fijis videos and i must say that she is an amazing teacher. Good job ! Namaste

mfe109 8 years ago

This class was awesome- challenging but pushed me enough to successfully get my first headstand. I've never attempted in a class before, because I've always been afraid of falling on someone. I felt warmed up and ready by the time I reached that portion of the video, and the instruction was great. Thanks!

msluey 8 years ago

I have been able to get into headstand but not previously with the double leg lift. I also have been "dumping" too much into my neck. This class was wonderful in both the preparatory asanas and the actual headstand instructions. Great for my shoulders. I will certainly seek out more classes by Fiji!

maggieball 8 years ago

Thanks so much Fiji. I've yet to do one of your classes that isn't excellent and this one was no exception. Really clear careful explanations, and challenging, different but do-able asanas that all flow together beautifully.

argubert 8 years ago

This was a great class for getting into headstand! I've been practicing for 3 years and have tried headstand in the beginning, only to topple over. After continuing my yoga practice and taking this class today, I got up right away and was able to hold my pose with little assistance from the wall. Thanks so much!

KateInHawaii 8 years ago

Great workout! Very well explained and coached throughout. I enjoyed and will repeat.

HappyHappyJoyJoy 8 years ago

I especially loved the beginning of the class - very powerful. I modified the sequence to fit my body. I loved the deepness and clarity of direction from the ears to the smiling chest. Thank you Fiji. Namaste.

YogAthletExplorer 8 years ago

When my husband picked this sequence for last night, I was quite leery as I hadn't yet successfully risen in headstand. I've practiced and used the wall or a spotter to keep me from flipping over. Until today, I have always fallen.

By the time the headstand portion began, I was very warmed up and open. Honor your body; the progression is tough. There were times where I felt like my arms were going to burn off, but I persevered knowing this was not an easy asana to complete and that it is building my foundation to be successful.

The arm positioning part is the most helpful piece. Clearly, my problem before was positioning of both the arms and head. Listening to Fiji explain the flesh movement and body placement set my foundation so well that all of a sudden I realized that something just felt right and I popped up slowly, firmly, and naturally into my first successful headstand!

The coolest part is that my husband was at the wall, and I was in the middle of the floor working dolphin. So, when I popped up, I was free-headstanding! I was so pleasantly surprised and felt so strong!

The only thing I could ask for is a little longer relaxation sequence. I was bubbling with energy and needed a bit more transition to savasana.

Thank you, Fiji! You have helped me grow in my practice. And I don't know how you talked through that entire sequence. You are one strong yogini! :)