Power Yoga for Beginners

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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If you're wondering if you're doing chaturanga, plank, warrior one or the vinyasa flow correctly, this power yoga flow class for beginners is a great place to start. Fiji takes the time to break down each pose, focusing on alignment and how the pose should feel to you. Fiji occasionally holds poses for longer than she normally does, so remember to take breaks if you need to.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


farima_mt 3 months ago

I’m totally new to this and thank you for give us the chance to try it at home and for free.
So, should I do all of the video every day or say, three time per week?

Fiji McAlpine 3 months ago

Hi Farima,

I am so happy you are trying yoga! Listen to your body and do what feels right, it might be nice to start 3 times a week and then build from there if you feel called to do more! Enjoy the journey!

Sebastiantanner94 7 months ago

One of the greatest breakdowns I've ever experienced. So many new things to observe within my body on poses I've "known" how to do for years! I don't keep a consistent enough practice yet to ever feel like moving much past beginners yoga, but I feel like that could change! This video and a few others on this site, done enough and consistently, then maybe taking a few in-person classes and I already see myself moving on to more intermediate stuff (moving on could be a year or two still, but it seems possible!). I really enjoyed what she said about being patient with the body, communicating and connecting with it. Something I've understood more recently. This video was well timed in my life, thank you for being available and open to the world.

EmBe 11 months ago

Comprehensive Vinyasa Pose Explanations!
Although I’ve practiced Vinyasa yoga for some time, I’ve never had a beginner class that provided such a thorough introduction to the poses. This summer I’m doing beginner classes like this one to fill in the gaps in my yoga training.
“Tick tocking” the legs and knees is new for me because I learned it as “windshield wipering.” “Tick tock” brings an image of an old German cuckoo clock which I prefer to the slap-slap of a car’s windshield wipers.
Thank you for the beautiful outdoor setting of this class!

Simone242 1 year ago

Great video. I love the the way you explained alignment points. Helped me out in a great way!

RobynCS 1 year ago

Wonderful alignment points...as always, what a great teacher you are Fiji.

Nyamyj 2 years ago

Thank you so much. I am still new to yoga and was not sure I could do this class, however, your complete and clear instruction throughout helped me to achieve the poses feeling properly aligned and strong. Ifelt the heat and it was very rewarding. Thank you Fiji!

One question please, I know to externally rotate arms for downward dog, but when in plank pose I am not sure whether to be externally or internally rotating my arms. Thank you for input.

gbrigs 2 years ago

This is a great class to remind yourself of the importance of a mindful practice.

Kyraniums 2 years ago

Fiji really takes the time to explain all the cues for each pose. But because of this, she stays in certain poses very long (or way longer on the first side). This makes this a perfect beginner routine, but not that suitable for slightly more experienced practicers who want to move along in a nice flow.

jennMann1 2 years ago

Very challenging practice. I really enjoyed it and have bookmarked to do often! Thank you!