Power to Paradise

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel shines in this exquisite class that finishes with the peak pose, Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana). Her clear descriptions and enthusiasm make this challenging hatha flow class a pure joy to be a part of. Have fun!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing! So glad that the step-by-step was helpful :) Woo hooo!!!

angrytim 4 years ago

Thanks for a great yoga workout. It really helps an old guy with stiff hips and back.:)

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Hi Angry Tim (I LOVE your profile name LOL), so happy that you're enjoying :) Thx for sharing!

Svea 4 years ago

I have been practicing yoga for a couple of years but never consistently, and over the summer had to take a long break. Just started again a month ago, very stiff, with a blocked hip and a lot of pain in my lower back (and feeling like 80 years old). I loved Rachel's classes from the very beginning, and have been doing them almost every day. And today I was able to open my hip again without pain!! I still cannot hold all the poses yet but am very confident that I will eventually. Rachel, thank you so much for your awesome classes, your very quiet way of explaining, and for helping me get my energy back! And I would love to have more classes from you online...

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Hallo, thank you so much for your kinds words! I'm so glad that you have been enjoying the classes and that your hip is feeling better! Look forward to connecting more online : )

jessicamceachern23 4 years ago

I'm relatively new to Yoga, and while I'm not able to do some of these poses fully yet, Rachel gives awesome step-by-step instructions which helps me discover exactly where I'm at. Thanks for this amazing practice, I'll keep coming back to this one for sure!

mlkeller7 4 years ago

I loved Rachel's descriptions of the poses. Her specific instruction helped me puzzle through a few poses I've been wanting to attempt, but felt was beyond my current practice. Looking forward to doing this again.

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

So glad that you enjoyed the class! This is a fun pose to keep playing with. :)

willowswhiten 4 years ago

I have to say I really love Rachel's style - I've got the strength to be moving into a lot of intermediate poses, but as a distance runner, not the flexibility. Being able to play with my balance and practice the foundations before trying the full pose was really reassuring! Also some of those early folds sorted out kinks in my hamstrings and legs I think have been there since I started running...

My question is that I've been practicing at home a lot lately, and I've found a lot of tension in my right wrist in vinyasa - I think I'm holding it a little too far forward to compensate for an old injury in my left collarbone. However, something Rachel said early in the video finally seems to have sorted it: I turn my fingers out, ever so slightly, before putting weight on my wrists. Does anyone know if this is going to cause tension in other parts of my arms/shoulders? It feels right, but I don't want to do something consistently if it's going to irritate my joints!

Thanks again yogini and Namaste <3

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Hi there! Turning your hand out slightly can facilitate the external rotation at the shoulder, which is not a bad thing at all! To the contrary, this can be helpful for getting the upper shoulders (trapezius) to chill out. I'd go with what you feel: if it feels good in your body, we're probably on the right track! Try practicing this way for a couple weeks and then assess. Thanks for checking in about it - let us know how it goes! Rachel