Power to Paradise

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Rachel shines in this exquisite class that finishes with the peak pose, Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana). Her clear descriptions and enthusiasm make this challenging hatha flow class a pure joy to be a part of. Have fun!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


tammie 4 years ago

This was a fun class and the sequence was a great pace :) I should have known from "power" in the title and the immediate sun salutations that it was going to be a vinyasa flow class, but I kept going because it still seemed like it was going to be fun.

kendrastanley 4 years ago

So great thank you! A couple poses were a bit challenging for me but maybe one day! It's been too long since I have practiced but now I plan to get back into it. You are fantastic.

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

So happy that you enjoyed! This is definitely got some tricky parts in it :) Welcome back to the practice!

lsouth 4 years ago

Rachel is a very talented instructor and I work really well with her. I wish she had more longer classes. I LOVE Heavenly Hips and Power to Paradise!!

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

So glad that you enjoyed this!! We just filmed another one which is 45 minutes...not crazy long, but a good chunk of time :) Stay tuned, hope you like it!

erikag420 4 years ago

I love this class not only because it challenges me but because each pose is building up to the final peak posture. I am unable to complete the bird of paradise posture however each time I attempt this video I am able to get further into the pose than before! Thank you so much for this flow

Rachel Scott 4 years ago

Hi there - thanks so much for sharing! So glad that the class is supporting your practice. Happy New Year :)

djaddis 4 years ago

This teacher is great, and this was a clear and challenging class.

angelabookgeek1 4 years ago

EXCELLENT instruction. Your explanation of coming to crow helped me nail it! Will be usuing this video again FOR SURE!!!