Pilates: Beginner Level 1

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Kathi teaches a beginner level pilates mat class to take you forward from the Pilates Fundamentals: The Five Principles. If you are looking to understand how to engage your core properly, strengthen your back and connect your core strength to your shoulders, arms and legs, this class is perfect for that. It may also provide significant relief for lower back discomfort and pain, as well as help with other back and shoulder-related issues. If you feel you're ready to progress to the next step in Kathi's Pilates series you can have a look at Pilates: Beginner Level 1, Class 2. 


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August 6, 2023

i used to do floor pilates in the past, in a studio, where the instructions seemed much simpler. I wonder if they need to be this complicated. Perhaps I'm too old to focus at this point. Back to yoga.

April 4, 2021

How did you know you I closed my eyes when I was on my right side? haha! Thank you for this class!

February 7, 2021

I've never felt successful in Pilates class, no more! I learned that I have unexpectedly developed some core strength already, and that mat longways supporting underneath the spine made that roll up exercise assessable to me. Thank you!