Pilates: Beginner Level 1

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Kathi teaches a beginner level pilates mat class to take you forward from the Pilates Fundamentals: The Five Principles. If you are looking to understand how to engage your core properly, strengthen your back and connect your core strength to your shoulders, arms and legs, this class is perfect for that. It may also provide significant relief for lower back discomfort and pain, as well as help with other back and shoulder-related issues.


Thanks to Kathy Ellis, inviting in beginners
AB-DK 4 days ago

Super fine video and program for a beginner,. Thanks a lot. to Kathy Ellis for Pilates for beginners.

So Wonderful!
FutureGhost13 6 days ago

Thank you a million times over for this class! It (and the five principles class) is the best introduction to Pilates I've encountered. I loved the level of instruction, and it really helped me stay focused and enabled me to keep the proper form! Kathi is really amazing instructor, and I can not wait to see more pilates classes from her. The next stretch at the end of this class was the cherry on top that I didn't know I needed. I struggle with clenching my jaw, and this stretch felt so wonderful it brought happy tears to my eyes. Will be doing this class again!

Pilates instruction reminders
Nyamyj 1 week ago

Please continue the reminders. It is so necessary and makes it easier to practice without constantly coming out of position to look at the screen.

Loved it!
Dusty Cobwebs 1 week ago

Thank you for this lovely class. I really enjoyed it and will continue to practice pilates alongside yoga.

Too much instruction
[email protected] 2 weeks ago

I know this is a beginner class but the constant stream of instruction during every repetition of a movement is overwhelming. I just can't listen that fast.

Stick with it!

Mary, I agree that at first the instruction is a lot to take in - I was SO overwhelmed when I started. However, as a student of Kathi's and I wholeheartedly encourage you stick with it. You WILL get it and it's so worth it. Her classes are some of the most effective I've ever taken. Worked miracles on my tired and weary back.

Re: pilates instruction
David Procyshyn 1 week ago

Yes, I felt that way too when I started with pilates. Those in the yoga world usually consider there to be too much instruction in a pilates class, but I now think it's an essential part. There are so many subtle movements that it's difficult not to provide reminders to make sure that the student is paying attention to the important details throughout the class, which ends up requiring more talking.