Morning Vinyasa

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

If you love vinyasa flow, there's no better way to wake up than to let Tracey guide you through one of her fun, but tough, yoga classes. She pushes you in ways that feel so satisfying. And she delivers so much in a short period of time. Get ready for a fun flow that will leave you feeling amazing.


loved it
seyhan 8 months ago

20 minutes of practice and i got heated and energized enough as to start my new day. love it. perfect mix of time, exercise, awareness building. thanks very much!

So amazingly complete!
gypsyrasa 8 months ago

Can't say enough how perfectly rounded Tracey's classes are -- they soothe my physical and spiritual soul. Thanks!

Lovely way to start the day!
Marina S 9 months ago

Lovely way to start the day! I woke up late but was determined to get on the mat before having to get to work -- 20 minutes fit the bill and this was so so sweet. Definitely worth making time for this one, thank you Tracey for your guidance and your wonderful, fun-filled flows. I will add this to my regular rotation for sure!

Love this
YogaKate2016 9 months ago

Perfect morning ritual thank you for the grounding and the energy

Excellent! Short and
JulieDesautels 10 months ago

Excellent! Short and revitilizing. Perfect to start or end your day. Thanks!

That plank pose! Whoa!
MammalFish 10 months ago

I see this as a challenging class not entirely because of difficulty of poses, but from a pure strength standpoint. Which, of course, is excellent. Thank you for a short but sweaty session I can work into my morning routine.

Too tough for this morning
secretagent412 10 months ago

Too tough for this morning but I'll get there!

Great Wakeup Routine!
birdnthesky 11 months ago

Awesome way to start the day. Tough but energizing.

Loved it!
Brittaniem 11 months ago

Thank you Tracey. I really enjoyed the challenge to this class. It really makes you feel like you are waking up and working out within such a short time frame. So productive. I will be doing this one again (I also need to learn to float the will come with practice).