Morning Slow Hatha Yoga Flow

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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Some people have trouble waking up in the morning, so Melissa designed this class so that you can move slowly at first, to shake the sleep out of your eyes, before moving into poses that you need to wake up for. This is a gentle class that will feel deeply satisfying if you allow yourself to sink into it.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


ellenriccardi 3 years ago

This is a fantastic video. Not too long and very easy to follow. Gives you a nice boost of energy to start the day!

Kazza 3 years ago

This class by Melissa is by far the best way to start the day!

ShesARainbow 3 years ago

This was such a great way to wake up this morning. I will be putting this in regular rotation. That final breath of joy did it. I am smiling!

kwid2007 3 years ago

This is the best beginners yoga video I have seen! So simple and easy!

Pakize 3 years ago

I am a beginner yoga student and I loved how this video didn't make me feel like most yoga videos do. I often feel that I need to perfectly achieve a certain stretch or position, but this instructor made it very easy and relaxing. It felt ok to make some mistakes because I wasn't risking my entire exercise. This video made me feel accomplished. I'm excited to practice more!

SherryD 3 years ago

First online yoga session. Really enjoyed it. Made me smile and I feel much better. Thank you.

AnnaP 3 years ago

This is just perfect for a morning session to awaken my body. I feel so much better inside out after this class. It was my first class with Melissa, but she became one of my favorite teacher here, she has a wonderful personality which catches you even through the screen. Thank you!

mrswright2015 3 years ago

I think that, after taking this class, I can see that I need to get back into the habit of creating a short morning yoga sequence to get the juices flowing. This class was perfect for this morning when I wanted to roll out my yoga mat and move but did not necessarily need a full hour practice. Thank you!

astairway2health 4 years ago

I am an old Yogi who lost my way and today is the beginning of getting back onto my mat after a long hiatus. This was a lovely and refreshing sequence - and I notice I am smiling as I type this because I am remembering why I love Yoga so much!!! Thank you!

barbkoch 4 years ago

Any time I do this practice I always feel so much better. Both in body and spirit. Always feel better when I'm finished.
Not just for mornings, uplifting any time of the day. Thank you.