In the Moment

In the Moment

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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As with all of Tracey's yoga classes, this one is full of her playful energy and unique flow sequences. You can bet that you will always leave Tracey's classes feeling much looser, with a lot more energy and a big smile on your face. This class does not disappoint!
Music provided by Yogi Tunes

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


In love with this practice
ednasantos 1 month ago

One m¡of my favorites classes! I`ve probably done it like 30 times and every time I come back to it I feel grateful! Amazing work out, for the mind and body! Love Tracey`s clases!

nice, but hard to follow the audio
annie_kat 3 months ago

A nice class, but I became frustrated as I had to keep craning my neck to see what she was doing -- the guidance was both too quiet and not instructive enough for me.

Great class
erin.michelle 4 months ago

Thank you, Tracey! This class has a beautiful flow, almost feels like a dance. Wonderful!

A beautiful complete class
kstone 4 months ago

This class is so much more than a "work out". Attention to body, mind and spirit, always delivers spaciousness, openness and peace ! Thank-you again Tracy . Namasta :)

Time issue only
Sharon Barnes 4 months ago

I love Tracey but every time I do this one I remember why it frustrates me and leaves me wanting..
As pre- Yoga mediation. Lasts 5min and post yoga is a full 10 minutes..
The class shoul be labeled 11-15 min shorter To be realistic.. thanks

My favorite class!
sarahthibo 5 months ago

I’m saddened to read some negative comments about the voice over, because this is by far my favorite class! At first it may have been difficult, but that was due to my inexperience. I struggle a bit with a few poses but that’s why I keep doing it! Tracy’s warm spirit keeps me going. Thank you, Tracy! I wouldn’t change a thing.

Good practice but difficult to understand voice
Connienaka 5 months ago

Namaste! While I loved the practice itself I have to agree with a few others here that it was a bit difficult to understand clearly the instructions given. At times the music swallowed her words and had to look up often - only to find that what I thought was said, wasn't and I had to quickly switch. The practice itself was great! It was just the technical sound issues that were troublesome. Thank you though for the opportunity to do the practice.

Re: Good practice but difficult to understand voice
David Procyshyn 5 months ago

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's a certain style that some people love and some don't, due to the level of the music. It's intentional, since the music is meant to inspire energy and motivation. But I can understand that it can sometimes make it difficult to hear what she is saying.

Response to David
Connienaka 5 months ago

I often listen to yoga classes with music. In fact I teach yoga using music. She has such a sweet quiet voice- perhaps if she spoke a bit louder with more enunciation it would help. I liked the practice- it was just hearing the words she was speaking that was a challenge. The difference between watching a video and being in a class is that you only have the video to use as a guide- in class you can quickly glance around and see where everyone is in the pose. Enunciation in videos helps. This comment was meant to be helpful, not critical. I actually like sessions with music. Namaste.