In the Moment

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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As with all of Tracey's yoga classes, this one is full of her playful energy and unique flow sequences. You can bet that you will always leave Tracey's classes feeling much looser, with a lot more energy and a big smile on your face. This class does not disappoint!
Music provided by Yogi Tunes

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Wilddatura 1 week ago

This is a wonderful full body class. I love Tracey's pace - its just the right pace for me. thank you!

reidbee 2 weeks ago

This was such a powerful class. I love the transitions because they were so different and delicious! Thank you for this!

dani downes 1 month ago

So far, this is my favorite Tracey class. It's a little different than her other ones, a bit more fast paced - but since I had to focus so hard on her instructions, my breath, and what my body was trying to do, it had the power to calm my mind and really be IN THE MOMENT. Thank you Tracey!

PeacefulRN 2 months ago

8/18/19 Revisiting this class after a long while - some of the poses and transitions felt a little forced for me this time. Pace is good and the whole body is stretched and relaxed, but as a note to myself - this isn't your favorite Tracey class.

kadman10 5 months ago

So delicious, nourishing and wonderful after glow.

Pamelalee 5 months ago

Tracey has created many wonderful practices over the years but this one is still my favourite, and also, Working with Transition and Change. Both of them are like a familiar friend who makes one feel comfortable and at ease. They are a perfect blend of flexing and strengthening and flow beautifully with the music and Tracey's voice-over guidance.

MattyDave 6 months ago

I come back to this class over and over. It is challenging, strength building and altogether a wonderful and balanced class :)

LaurieSGersh 7 months ago

I know this may not be a recently posted class, but I do appreciate the voice-over and music in the background. It makes the audio cues easier to hear than having a microphone on the instructor on location. Just some feedback on the production of the classes, which I know is a large endeavor.

kstone 8 months ago

I come back to this often, I think it'a the music I love that has not been in the newer practices. TO all of you who have had difficulty with the audio, you will appreciate it after you've done this several times has it is a gentle guidance , not so much a basic instruction :)

[email protected] 8 months ago

Dear Tracey, thank you so much for this wonderful practice! I feel very good now and truly now that I am blessed. This practice is very special, the flow is incredible!! Thank you! <3