In the Moment

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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As with all of Tracey's yoga classes, this one is full of her playful energy and unique flow sequences. You can bet that you will always leave Tracey's classes feeling much looser, with a lot more energy and a big smile on your face. This class does not disappoint!
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Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Connienaka 2 years ago

Namaste! While I loved the practice itself I have to agree with a few others here that it was a bit difficult to understand clearly the instructions given. At times the music swallowed her words and had to look up often - only to find that what I thought was said, wasn't and I had to quickly switch. The practice itself was great! It was just the technical sound issues that were troublesome. Thank you though for the opportunity to do the practice.

David Procyshyn 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's a certain style that some people love and some don't, due to the level of the music. It's intentional, since the music is meant to inspire energy and motivation. But I can understand that it can sometimes make it difficult to hear what she is saying.

Connienaka 2 years ago

I often listen to yoga classes with music. In fact I teach yoga using music. She has such a sweet quiet voice- perhaps if she spoke a bit louder with more enunciation it would help. I liked the practice- it was just hearing the words she was speaking that was a challenge. The difference between watching a video and being in a class is that you only have the video to use as a guide- in class you can quickly glance around and see where everyone is in the pose. Enunciation in videos helps. This comment was meant to be helpful, not critical. I actually like sessions with music. Namaste.

Marieseville 2 years ago

First time I've done this practice and I have to say, it's instantly one of my favourites! It's so integrative and is a thorough full body flow with some lovely chest and hip opening asanas. I feel so utterly relaxed, supple and buttery!
Thank you Tracy, for all you do and your beautiful guidance and constant motivation.

Tramon2 2 years ago

This is such a beautiful, smoothly meditative flow. Tracey helped guide me to a place that I didn’t even know that I needed to go. In my opinion, the best of the best from the best! Thank you!

karen77ca 2 years ago

I usually love Tracey's classes, but I dislike the voice over classes. I didn't find there was enough instruction, I had to glance at the screen more than usual and the background music was just way too loud. I found it so distracting I couldn't even finish.

wiechela 2 years ago

I agree - I'm not a fan of the voice over classes. There were several times where I wasn't keeping up with where Tracey was in the practice just from lack of instruction and cues to move forward.

Margarethe 2 years ago

I love Tracey's spirit, energy, being...and I really heard her message with this class. Plus, the yoga was just the right mix of stretches and interesting poses to challenge and keep me dialed in.
Thank you for being you Tracey. I felt nurtured through this class.

yvan369 2 years ago

love this class. also digging the nature sounds during shavasana -- made me feel like a forest yogi

Thank you, Tracey. That was just beautiful. Challenging, indeed as I've not attempted Crow in a long time. I couldnt quite get there but the half variation was encouraging! Thank you for a long and delicious Shavasana also...they are often so short these days. My first few yoga teachers always said it was one of the most important and most challenging postures.

Thank you again. I will revisit this class often.