Hatha Yoga for Self Care II

Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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This gentle hatha yoga class is perfect for any time of the day. It's a lovely way to prepare for a good night's sleep, to get you out of bed to start your day or to provide a much needed break in the middle of the day. Melissa's clear and concise guidance allow you to absorb her soothing words of reassurance and strength. Do this class on its own or in conjunction with Melissa's Hatha Yoga For Self Care I.


terkalin 1 week ago

Melissa is the best. So relaxing - and all the movements felt great. My favorite day thus far in the 30-day challenge. As someone who has to use a cushion any time I am on my knees, I am impressed she did all of this on those rocks, lol.

An AMAZING class for either
NicRoy 1 month ago

An AMAZING class for either new or adept students. I feel great.

this is just beautiful after
jeannecrane 1 month ago

this is just beautiful after a busy day, definitely for my favorites.

Fantastic! Thank you for this video.
eclectic 1 month ago

Very soothing voice.

the sea
Melekeda 1 month ago

a moment, afraid that she was sleep than different emotions after... thanks for all that, namaste :)

yoga4me2 1 month ago

I did both offerings today! This morning with Fiji and evening with Melissa ,,, they are all so good.... I don't want to miss any , and hopefully will continue throughout the 30 day challenge as long as time will allow me. In gratitude to David and all the teachers for this gift of yoga.

Loved This Session
yogibailey 1 month ago

Today's session was more difficult for me as I suffered a shoulder injury years back that hasn't fully recovered. Some of these poses pushed me almost to the point of being uncomfortable, but ultimately it felt like a great release and step in the direction of healing. Thank you for the lesson on self-care!

Wonderful beginner video
lilmegsx9 1 month ago

New to yoga again, thank you for this video. Not too difficult, but challenging enough for a beginner.