Hatha Yoga for Self Care II

Hatha Yoga
Gentle Yoga
Yoga for Anxiety/Stress
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This gentle hatha yoga class is perfect for any time of the day. It's a lovely way to prepare for a good night's sleep, to get you out of bed to start your day or to provide a much needed break in the middle of the day. Melissa's clear and concise guidance allow you to absorb her soothing words of reassurance and strength. Do this class on its own or in conjunction with Melissa's Hatha Yoga For Self Care I.


Divine class, thank you
mjscott88 1 month ago

This class for day 3 of the beginner yoga challenge was divine, juicy bliss. Thank you so much Melissa, what a beautiful practice.

Loves the pigeon Pose
rajlaxmi 1 month ago

Thank you for this wonderful class.... I especially loved the pigeon pose.

Lovely evening practice,
egf 2 months ago

Lovely evening practice, thank you very much! As a full-time working mother I feel drained most of the day; this practice has helped me reconnect again with myself and remind me to slow down, breath deep.

fred_stone 2 months ago

Really soothing, relaxing practice! The sound of the waves & the instructions all go together perfectly with the sequence. Enjoyed that immensely, thank you Melissa!

love love love
chopper 2 months ago

I am in sales on the go all day, this class grounds me and brings me back to peace. This class is so good for not only my body and mind, but also my soul!
I love the sound of the water and Melissa your voice is so kind.
I love all your classes.

Excellent, relaxing practice!
beerlino 2 months ago

Excellent, relaxing practice! Thank you!

Thank you - this was great
eumaeus 2 months ago

Thank you - this was great and perfect for a complete beginner. However I have a problem

I repeatedly get little spasms particularly in my back muscles and the little muscles around the back of the ribs. They aren't during any particular exercise/position - just suddenly get a spasm mid exercise for no apparent reason. For example, even lying down doing the breathing relaxation at the end, i had a sudden cramp.

It's not any damage or anything, just general unfitness I think.

However my question is this - should I stay on this day and repeat it a few times until my muscles get a bit more used to it? Or carry on working through the videos and it will all settle down as I work through them?

This was perfect! I did it in
AmberLove 3 months ago

This was perfect! I did it in the morning to loosen my tight back.

Wonderful class
Chibimeimei 5 months ago

Thank you for this! I feel so good afterwards and I feel like crying, because the class helped me release so much tension and the "ahimsa" concept introduced was heartwarming. I will come back for a repetition of this class at some later point.

Excellent as usual.
Vikki 5 months ago

I love all Melissa's classes, this one included. Gently challenging but I always feel great afterwards.