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Pamper yourself with this hatha yoga class that's all about treating yourself well. This class focuses on forgetting about all of your responsibilities and, instead, taking care of you. Gentle hatha yoga is the best way to do that, and Melissa Krieger is the perfect instructor to guide you.


Calming & restorative
mcjw 7 months ago

A simple but lovely practice. Gentle, calming poses held for a very long time create a sense of peace and rest. Helped quiet my mind - I think this would be a wonderful evening class, particularly for use right before sleeping.

Love this Class!
mrswright2015 7 months ago

I'm doing this class in the follow up to the 30 day challenge. I'd only done this class once before, but now I remember why I loved this practice so much the first time. Thank you Melissa for the much needed pampering.

Thank you. I really needed
ebpotter 1 year ago

Thank you. I really needed this.

So good to practise
naturebreath (not verified) 1 year ago

Thank you very much Melissa. I love this one and your classes. It is so good to relax this way and to breath it in and out. Love it.

Could not enjoy this at all.
creek 1 year ago

I have my volume turned up as loud as it will go, I'm only 5 feet away from the screen and still her speech fluctuates in volume that I cannot understand her most of the time. It is not my computer as I do not have this problem with other instructors, it is her speech mannerisms. She talks with her mouth mostly closed and as tho she is talking to herself rather than a person in front of her. Very annoying, went to another video instead.

Beautiful & simple
Fifiyogi 10 months ago

I had no problems with the practice, could hear every instruction.

I had no problems
Patty H 1 year ago

That's strange, I had no problems hearing her.

Super relaxing. Great for
neebers 1 year ago

Super relaxing. Great for people who have to sit for extended periods of time. Restorative class that has great stretches for opening up the chest, armpits, and hips. Excellent audio track that I can do without really glancing at the video.

First time
lavenderbee 1 year ago

I thought I'd start doing yoga for my anxiety, and this did far more than I expected it to. The instructions and commentary were so calming and kind. This is definitely going to become a regular thing. Thank you :)