Gentle Yoga for the Neck

Gentle Yoga for the Neck

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Do you have a sore neck? Do you often get headaches? This short beginners yoga class takes you through how to stretch all of the major muscle groups of the neck, including those that are commonly responsible for headaches. It's a gentle yoga class that will make your neck feel so very good once you're done.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Seniors


Brilliant series for a stiff
Toni g 2 months ago

Brilliant series for a stiff neck! Been having discomfort for a few months .
Woke up yesterday with a really stiff,sore neck and thought I would really have to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. But first I decided to look for a practice on the internet. Found this one and did it, not thinking that it would have an effect. This morning about half an hour after getting up I realised that the stiffness and pain had almost completely disappeared. I couldn't believe it.
Thank you so much for sharing☺ .

Great slow class.
angelaglasses 6 months ago

Fantastic. A great way to bring me to the mat when I have a headache. Thank you for another great, slow class.

This works for me every
jms22 1 year ago

This works for me every.single.time. I use this several times a week most weeks. Thank you!

Great class. I have been
ericsb7 1 year ago

Great class. I have been having pretty severe neck pain the past week and this was perfect. I think anyone could do it and none of moves were painful.

Gentle, YES! Painless, No!
blujay_46 2 years ago

For a beginner with cervical disc disease, as gentle as this may be, it is not painless! However, I do plan to continue with this video in moderation, in hopes of relieving some tension, and the general aches and pains in my neck.

Neck stretches
Tula 2 years ago

Very nice stretches. Hits alot of the neck muscles. Would also appreciate you naming them. Thank you.

Great exercise
GBill 2 years ago

Thanks David for the great yoga class. I do it most days. I tend to get tension headaches and when I do this exercise they decrease. Thanks!

Great little excercise
Gerda 3 years ago

thank you, I loved this. Will do this every day and see if it works for my stiff neck and headaches. Loved the music too.