Gentle Yoga for the Neck

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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Do you have a sore neck? Do you often get headaches? This short beginners yoga class takes you through how to stretch all of the major muscle groups of the neck, including those that are commonly responsible for headaches. It's a gentle yoga class that will make your neck feel so very good once you're done.

Equipment: None
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga at Work, Yoga for Seniors


koilady 5 years ago

This was awesome, peaceful, just what my sore neck needed, but way too short! I found my body craving more as if I was supposed to now work down into my poor shoulders and upper back. I'm off too see what else David offers on this fantastic sight. Thank you David and You are helping me achieve my fitness and happiness goals!

Easy to Remember
Suzzann 5 years ago

I love this video because it's short and easy enough to remember, so you could do it anywhere, anytime, even if you can't pull up the video. Have you ever fallen asleep in a chair, and your head slumps to one side, or in a weird angle, and when you wake up you have terrible cramps there? This can DEFINITELY help with that!

Scheezo 5 years ago

My neck has been really tight for two days. This sequence really loosened me up and I feel so much better. Thank you so much!

sallysue 5 years ago

I've done this about 4 times now, it is wonderful for relaxing after a stressful day and helps me sleep well. Thanks so much.

Fantastic Relief!
mrslawrence1 5 years ago

I come back to this video again and again for relief in a neck/shoulder "crick" with which I awake every few weeks. It pinpoints the problems that seem to be causing the pain and stiffness, and David's style is calming through what can be a tad uncomfortable series. When it's finished, VOILA! I always feel better.

Helps every time....
camin90066 6 years ago

Always fighting age, poor posture and too many hours on my laptop. This routine has proven extremely beneficial when neck and shoulders get too tight. Come away feeling looser, more open. :)

I work on the computer and
laurenlizlopez 6 years ago

I work on the computer and never realize how tight my neck is until I get sick- which I am at the moment. This is a great stretch series that I plan to use more often- the relaxed pace is great and my neck feels so much better.
I certainly suggest this for those who work at the computer a lot where your posture tends to be poor and your neck suffers, though I am sure anyone would benefit from it!

Gente neck exercise
VanJan 3 years ago

I would just like to add that for me it's not just poor posture at the computer but also when hand sewing or knitting

neck exercises
karmaden 7 years ago

This was good , a nice workout for the neck. Love the relaxed commentary. My neck felt a lot freer after the exercises. thanks