A Full Body Slow Flow

Melissa Krieger
Instructor Melissa Krieger
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This hatha flow yoga class with Melissa has a nice, slow and steady pace. She leads you through a safe and thorough practice, with lots of gentle stretching for the whole body. It's a great class for your back and spine, it's relaxing and at times challenging. You'll feel refreshed and grounded at the end of the hour. Expect a few minutes of silence at the start of the practice and a long savasana at the end.

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress


ryanmw 2 months ago

this was my first yoga anything and it was a great intro thank you.

ann@jasminecottage 10 months ago

Melissa is a wonderful teacher. Thank you for a class full of grace and peace. Also thank you to DYWM for the 2 months free subscription your kindness is appreciated and when I can I will pay for your wonderful classes.

Debbie Spink 10 months ago

I love all Melissa's classes but they keep freezing. Please tell me what I should do. Thank you.

uberyha 11 months ago

I enjoyed this class! A stress-reducer that helped me loosen up my tight shoulders and neck. The gentle meditation at the beginning got me in the frame of mind for a mindful practice. Thank you so much!

Camomilla 11 months ago

I love when Melissa at the end of class asks "notice how you feel" because my answer 99% of the time is "great as usual after your classes, Melissa".
I hadn't tried this one yet because of its length, but it was a hour well spent.

Dill 12 months ago

I love all your classes that I've ever tried so I chose this as my first class back after a lonnnggg gap. I used to be very proficient but was afraid to do too much too fast. This was absolutely perfect. Some challenges but nothing too hard. Thank you again!

HeatherTheWit 1 year ago

Hello, Melissa! This was my first class with DoYogaWithMe online. It was great - a balance of silence & movement with a long slow flow. I have been searching for the perfect online platform, with ethics & environmental awareness intact, & I really love what I'm seeing here! Today's class was free for me, but I will definitely become a subscriber as I really enjoyed this class & all that DoYogaWithMe has to offer. I'm looking forward to building my practice through your forum & am excited to look into your teacher training options! Thank You!

Love & Light,

Currach 1 year ago

Clearly some people have a lot more time than I do for exercise. I wasted 11 minutes on this video and basically nothing happened. I have patience, but not that much

dukegal1213 1 year ago

It's a shame you can't spare that extra 11 minutes. It's peaceful and grounding. Good for the soul. All of us have busy lives, but it's good to slow down at times. Namaste.