Find Your Sweet Spot : Sugarcane Pose

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
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Play with balance, open your quads and find your sweet spot in this challenging but accessible practice towards sugarcane pose, also known as ardha chandra chapasana. Inspired by lalita, the divine mother of the universe who wields a sugarcane bow and five rose tipped arrows, this vinyasa flow sequence teaches us to backbend with compassion and self-love.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Rebecca Maxwell 3 months ago

What a perfect example of how prep work works! The peak pose, when it came, was effortless and graceful even though I had never attempted it before. A powerful reminder that all is possible - with the right guidance.

Cattails 3 months ago

This was absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Andrea. : ) Namaste

lpyles 3 months ago

Enjoyed the gentle flow of this class through some deep stretches and balances. Will definitely add this to my list of favorites. This was the first class of Andrea's that I have tried and I appreciate her soft voice and gentle demeanor and look forward to discovering her other classes.

rmlong77 3 months ago

This was a well sequenced class that was perfect for my right quads and hip flexors. However, after prepping the right side, she cues the peak pose on the left. Then preps the left and does the peak pose on the right. If you want to do the side the was prepped, do the opposite of what she cues when coming to sugarcane pose.

turnerck 4 months ago

I am chronically tight in my hip flexors and quads and find so few yoga classes really get into the quads - this was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much Andrea. Namaste

MollyLoo 4 months ago

This class was so juicy!! I'm definitely adding it to my regular rotation. Thank you!

mudra 4 months ago

So gentle,precise and with compassion indeed.Thanks Andrea