Find Your Sweet Spot : Sugarcane Pose

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
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Play with balance, open your quads and find your sweet spot in this challenging but accessible practice towards sugarcane pose, also known as ardha chandra chapasana. Inspired by lalita, the divine mother of the universe who wields a sugarcane bow and five rose tipped arrows, this vinyasa flow sequence teaches us to backbend with compassion and self-love.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Anna Hindley 1 week ago

I loved this class. Somehow with this I can enjoy the very intense release in a way I have not experienced before, except in Andrea's other class leading to compass.I have 2 hip replacements and these 2 classes have given me my first pain free days in 10 years. Thank you so much!

Yvonne138 1 week ago

I loved loved LOVED this class! Thank you so much for this inspiring practice.

CheekyBrazilian 1 week ago

I was not expecting this class. It was brilliant. I am naturally bendy (verging on hypermobile) yet, even my impossible to stretch quads got a proper opening. More like this Andrea, thank you!

Fuder 2 weeks ago

Today is the closest I have ever gotten to sugarcane pose, what a good feel! Thank you for your excellent class :)

turnersusmc 2 weeks ago

Fantastic. The perfect combination of flow and stretch and balance. I feel like I achieved something with this wonderful practice.

nadonado 2 weeks ago

I'm new to Andrea's classes. I'm loving the pace, the flow and the count to five holds in the poses. The on the belly Dancer's pose is a refreshing change. Thank you for bringing your modifications to some classic poses.

javakim 2 weeks ago

Lovely flow throughout this balance-centered class. Andrea’s soothing voice kept me calm while working into and maintaining the poses, and I finished with my senses energized. Thank you!