Up, Down and All Around

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 

The title is no exaggeration. Crista has a reputation for creative - sometime crazy - transitions in her fun and challenging vinyasa flow classes, and this is one of her best. She also is very good at clarity, which is crucial in a class like this one. Get ready to flow, twist, bind, backbend, side bend, stretch deeply, do inversions, work your body, smile and then rest.


LOVED this class, thank you
Anita Tujula 1 month ago

LOVED this class, thank you Crista. One of my favourites.

Thank youCrista
george16 1 month ago

Amazing beautiful class!!!!!!!

I found this routine awkward.
birdnthesky 1 month ago

I found this routine awkward. I couldn't seem to connect with it. It just didn't flow well for me.

mrswright2015 1 month ago

This class was everything I needed this Sunday night. Both my body and mind feel loose and ready to settle into a nice long rest. That mantra at the end ensures that I will return to this class time and time again. Thank you Christa!

Just Beautiful
JernYoga 1 month ago

This class was so beautiful, from the first pose to the final mantram. Crista´s smile and lovely way to desrcibe the poses makes time fly and each pose a darling not a challange. Thanks!

Gets right into it!
amandag 2 months ago

I love how Crista gets moving from poise one. Lots of fire right away that immediately awakened my bones and joints. This is a favorite, and I'm lucky to have had 1+ hour to do this class today. It's definitely a new favorite, and great chanting at the end, a gift!

Loved it
bhavani12 2 months ago

I really enjoyed it. At first I thought it's an hour class and was going to pass it but time went on so quick and it was a great. Thank you so much

Great class!
hurley91900 2 months ago

So creative and wonderful flow! Love the nice long relaxation too.

Beautiful class, beautiful mantra
nannciem 2 months ago

I really enjoyed the class, and the mantra at the end... does someone knows what are the exact words? l would like to write it down! Thanks!

Mantra Words
Crista Shillington 2 months ago

Hi there! The mantra is:
Asatoma Sat Gamaya
Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Much Love :)