A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck

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Instructor David Procyshyn
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This gentle, slow, hatha yoga class guides you into a series of poses that thoroughly stretch the muscles around the shoulders and neck. It moves gradually toward deeper stretches, allowing the body to warm up and prepare for a deeper release of the tighter muscles in your body. Your neck and shoulders will feel wonderful after you're done.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Hatha Yoga


Love this class!
Anastasia Hange... 2 years ago

This is a go-to when I am feeling tons of tension in my neck and never disappoints :)

This is wonderful! After a
Lehene 2 years ago

This is wonderful! After a long day of teaching, constantly being alert to my students needs and wishes, this is my reward to myself. To just close my eyes, breathe and connect to my own body and suroundings. Namaste!

Thank you! This really helped
Breakadawn 2 years ago

Thank you! This really helped my neck not feel so jacked up. : )

Great lesson, David! terrible
Liev 2 years ago

Great lesson, David! terrible biting pain in my neck and shoulders gets quite some relief after this session. Thanks! Thanks! Brussels needs some attention these days...

improviselife 2 years ago

That was beautiful. Such a calm but deeply effective practice. Thank you so much.

One of the best classes David has on this site
ACHYOGA 2 years ago

Awesome, focused, and more yoga like rather than feeling like a stretching class

This was so effective, like
Katep11 2 years ago

This was so effective, like treating myself to a back, neck & shoulder massage, thankyou!

This video really helps me!
melanie.posthuma 3 years ago

I regularly wake up with neck and shoulder pain due to a chronic injury and this video is my go to. The stretches are gentle yet effective and listening to David's calm voice is a great way to start my day. I like it that this video tackles both the neck and shoulders which is exactly what I need. Thank you :-)

Azore 3 years ago

My neck was hurting so much I had to let my head bend forward or to completely lay down to avoid pain : it was awful ! I tried the exercises of this video, yesterday and today. I felt a lot better yesterday, but I feel even better today, after the second session. I am very grateful to the friend who told me about this website and to David for this great lesson, which is not only a yoga lesson, but also a self-care lesson : I had never thought that my neck deserved two sessions of nearly one hour each to recover. Now, it feels so obvious : THANK YOU !