Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back

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Class Description: 

This class is slow, gentle and offers a deep opening for the muscles around the hips, lower back and legs. Its pace alone allows you to sink into a beautiful state of calm. Add the beautiful sounds of Craig Paterson, master musician, and you will be lulled into a deep, lovely, relaxed state.


Love, love, love this one.
Rnfromjmu 1 year ago

Love, love, love this one. It reached muscles (laborum) which are not touched in most traditional stretching routines yet are so crucial for my particular body needs. Thank you!

A wonderful class focused on the hamstrings...
YouAreYoga 1 year ago

Great voice quality and great pace. I do wish there was an acknowledgement (and then time factored in) for those of us who are using a block or cushion for some or many of the seated poses. Nonetheless, an excellent program that I plan on doing again and again! Thanks for offering it!

New space in hips, hamstrings, low back and upper back.
idasong 1 year ago

I feel a new space in my hips, hamstrings, and low back. And I had a great upper back stretch around the sorest parts of my shoulder blades. Very therapeutic session that felt much shorter than 47 minutes. The narrative was easy to follow without constant watching, and the guide to let the muscle go helped so much to feel the stretch deeper. Thank you!

I pushed too hard yesterday
abigail_mmc 1 year ago

I pushed too hard yesterday on a run/strength session in the park, and was hobbling about last night and this morning. I feel brand new with this gentle but deep class! I still have a bit of stiffness, but the difference is night and day. This is a go-to for sure!

Love the sequence and the
JudithAnne 1 year ago

Love the sequence and the lovely park!

Great stretch
brittanynparsons 1 year ago

This video is a great antidote for aches and pains from running!

I found the music and the guided meditation at the end to be very relaxing.

This video is really good for
robyn.weeks 1 year ago

This video is really good for novice runners.

I was feeling some aches and pains in my hips and thighs after my first attempt at running a couple of days ago. This video has really managed to soothe my muscles and make them supple for my next run tomorrow.

Thank you!

Good sequence - strange music
fluru 1 year ago

Great sequence of poses but the "music" was at frequencies which irritated me a lot& I couldn't relax at all :(

Giniyogini 1 year ago

Fluru, I agree completely, well almost. At first I didn't notice it and about halfway through it also started to get on my nerves. It was at a deeper level, like it was really irritating my nerves. I LOVED the sequence, however, the music needs to change for me to do the class again.

I love this video!
emaleigh 1 year ago

I'm a big fan of hip opening routines, but this one tops them all off. My hips and lower back tend to carry a lot of tension, and this routine completely releases them while also providing nice twists and hamstring stretches. Excellent video!