Deep Release for the Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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This class is slow, gentle and offers a deep opening for the muscles around the hips, lower back and legs. Its pace alone allows you to sink into a beautiful state of calm. Add the beautiful sounds of Craig Paterson, master musician, and you will be lulled into a deep, lovely, relaxed state. If you are looking for more, check out our 1-month program, Beginner Yoga for Optimal Lower Back Health (need to subscribe to access).

Equipment: Strap
Style: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


53114gal 14 hours ago

I have long had tightness in my hips and lower back. I feel SO much better right now. Thanks for this amazing class.

JMacDee 1 month ago

A very nice slow class which stretched my hips a lot, there were also some good deep twists. Recommended, thank you David!

am_brennan 1 month ago

SO good! That was the fastest 45 minutes ever! Thank you for a wonderful stretch.

Tilly Lan 1 month ago

So good! All seated. Felt my legs go from tight hoofy shetland legs, to the long, loose and strong legs of a thoroughbred. Perfect after lots of walking. Heaven xx

NATS 77 1 month ago

Absolutely wonderful class and just what I needed to ease tension in all these areas. The shavasana was bliss :) Thank you David and all at DYWM for keeping me sane during lockdown, stay safe and well everyone xx

shannonmoreno 1 month ago

Hi David,

I love this class and it gave me some much needed relief after a long plane ride. I felt so great, I started doing it 4 days in a row, but I began to notice when I do the pose--where one leg is forward at about 90 degrees and the other leg is behind, bent sharply at the knee, foot to hip-- when I go forward I get a sharp, tingling sensation and it feels like my bone is moving over a nerve or something. Now I have a dull ache in my left glut and the back of my thigh. Please let me know if this is normal or if I should lay off for a few days. Thanks so much!

luciebee 1 month ago

I love this class. I have slight lordosis and tight hips and often can't lie in savasana because my lower back hurts, but after doing this I am able to with reduced pain. Thank you David, I will return to this again and again xxx

bronwynhegarty 2 months ago

an oldie and a goodie. so good for the hamstrings and quads and hips. Thank you David!

pocketninja 2 months ago

The last sequence was a little rough on my neck, but I store a lot of tension there and wonder if I was just tensing up. What else might I have been doing wrong?

Copper3 2 months ago

I love this practice. I come back to it again and again for over a year now. It is a deep release and I find it to be a meditative practice. Thank your this gem David!