Cultivate Your Inner Focus with Tracey Noseworthy - Sept 2 @ 9am PST

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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If you're having issues with the player:
*Our livestream this morning with Tracey Noseworthy was beset by technical difficulties. While frustrating, these issues are just part of the practice. We will be uploading the full class as soon as we are able.*

This livestream yoga class is weather-dependant. If it's cancelled, we will let you know at least an hour before the class begins. It's scheduled for Monday, Aug 30th at:

  • 8:55am in Los Angeles/Vancouver
  • 11:55am in New York
  • 4:55pm in the U.K.

Description: A 60-minute flow based practice tapping into our body’s inner wisdom. Mudra, breathwork and asana will be explored as we slide away from overstimulation and return to the self-guidance led from our heart center. All levels welcome!

Style: Slow Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


rebswifty 1 week ago

sorry to hear that there were difficulties. No worries, it happens. :)
Looking forward to seeing the video!

Georin Costello 2 weeks ago

We had some trouble with the livestream, so we've re filmed the class and are in the process of editing it.

yvette.marie 3 weeks ago

Such a shame that there were tech problems- but, like many others, I finished the class in my own way. I actually think it was perfect in it's own way- there is so much that is in constant flux at the moment; it was a gentle reminder that we can turn up, well prepared and ready to go and the universe has other plans. All we can do is stay present and enjoy what we are given, adapt and remain true to ourselves. I look forward to the full class - thank you again. Namaste

Beli 3 weeks ago

Don’t worry, these things happens, we just kept our leg up a bit longer than usual ;-) will patiently wait for the full class to be up:-). Thanks a lot

AlidaMB 3 weeks ago

thanks for letting us know. It is full moon today, so don't do exercise runlets vv gentle, so having it in website later suits me.

Barbara Hume 3 weeks ago

Yes Tracey, what an inspiration... with those strong colors and golden plateau. I loved the mudra at the beginning also and your lovely sequencing and lightness. Now, to practice on my left with out your graceful guidance :)