Cultivate Your Inner Focus with Tracey Noseworthy - Sept 2 @ 9am PST

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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If you're having issues with the player:
*Our livestream this morning with Tracey Noseworthy was beset by technical difficulties. While frustrating, these issues are just part of the practice. We will be uploading the full class as soon as we are able.*

This livestream yoga class is weather-dependant. If it's cancelled, we will let you know at least an hour before the class begins. It's scheduled for Monday, Aug 30th at:

  • 8:55am in Los Angeles/Vancouver
  • 11:55am in New York
  • 4:55pm in the U.K.

Description: A 60-minute flow based practice tapping into our body’s inner wisdom. Mudra, breathwork and asana will be explored as we slide away from overstimulation and return to the self-guidance led from our heart center. All levels welcome!

Style: Slow Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


Soarfeet 2 weeks ago

my favorite too. stinking error message even after refresh :-(

Clare Nicholls-... 2 weeks ago

Hi diorzu,

The livestream has not started yet. Once it begins, you should see a play button on the screen.

lenapaca 2 weeks ago

I have given birth 6 weeks ago. Do you think i could try this flow? Really love Tracey Classes and missing yoga too much! thanks for your feedback.

jenna audrey 2 weeks ago

I have a baby and also live yoga. I would say if you feel like your body has healed enough go for it and just take it easier on any strenuous positions. For instance maybe hold off on things like Crow position...etc. Do a down dog or child pose in place. Just my 2 cents. Congrats btw!

AlidaMB 2 weeks ago

thanks for posting UK time for this one. will put on kitchen planner. I like slow flow now I'm older.

alaska74 2 weeks ago

dear all, i believe the london time would be 4.55 PM not AM. just so there is not confusion...