Breaking Down Barriers

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey helps you break through barriers in your life with a powerful yoga flow class that will open up your body in very satisfying ways. With plenty of openers for the hips, lower back and hamstrings, you'll feel like a new person when you finally wake up from savasana!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Beautiful flow
Manjusri 5 days ago

This morning I woke with such resistance...this was the perfect class to move through it and out the other side! So grateful.

Great for the Hips!
sng4ever 2 weeks ago

What a wonderful hip opening practice. So helpful and allows for a deep release.

Favorite Flow for Hips
susie13 2 weeks ago

This goes down as my favorite hip opening flow ever.

Gracious thanks!
vanillastarlet 3 months ago

Exactly what I needed, a really inspirational class, thank you.

Himalaya V 4 months ago

As always, so inspiring and wise, thank you Tracey!

Great practice
Yoga Fan 5 months ago

Yet another really good flow. Thank you, Tracey!

The Best
Lu 1 year ago

Tracy Thank you again and again. Your classes never fail me. My gratitude to you.

Juicy hip opening
PeacefulRN 1 year ago

Juicy stretches for the hips linked by Tracey's wonderfully encouraging cues and thoughts. I love her reminder that when encountering resistance, looking right at is is a great option. :-) Perfect advice for on and off the mat. Thank you!

Absolutey beautiful!!
Paulette9 1 year ago

Lovely lovely class, Tracey! It felt so good to open and break down the barriers. Your pacing is fantastic, as it allows to truly feel each pose! Your comments, as usual, speak to my soul!