Breaking Down Barriers

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Tracey helps you break through barriers in your life with a powerful yoga flow class that will open up your body in very satisfying ways. With plenty of openers for the hips, lower back and hamstrings, you'll feel like a new person when you finally wake up from savasana!


My hips are singing
SMarie 1 week ago

Wonderful series of deep hip openers. My hips feel juicy and happy. I found myself wanting to hold each pose for long periods. Thank you Tracy and doyogawithme, for giving my body what it deeply craves!

dtripp 2 weeks ago

That was ggggrrrreeeaaat! My 1st time experiencing King Pegion. My inner thigh wasn't ready to get as low as yours did..but I will!
Thank you thank you thank you!

VLMTS 1 month ago

my first exercise on here, loved it.

Beaming through the barriers
Tejwant 1 month ago

Thank you. Wonderful class :) Thank you. Namaste

oh my. Sooooooooooooo good.
rainbreau 1 month ago

oh my. Sooooooooooooo good. Thank you Tracey. You are a star-beam gem.

New Dragon Twist & Happy Hips
Melanie Lichtinger 1 month ago

Beautiful flow and openings. Esp. hips, so needed for this desk-ie and cyclist. Love and resonated with how you weave in the benefits, Tracey. Created inner body dialogue. And that new-to-me twist from dragon to the side of the back foot and opening the arm - does that pose have a name? Loved it.
Thank you, Tracey! Hope to see you in the community again soon too.

Always so impressed with what
acalexander 1 month ago

Always so impressed with what I can do for my mind and body in your classes Tracey. Many thanks~