Breaking Down Barriers

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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Tracey helps you break through barriers in your life with a powerful yoga flow class that will open up your body in very satisfying ways. With plenty of openers for the hips, lower back and hamstrings, you'll feel like a new person when you finally wake up from savasana!


The Best
Lu 5 months ago

Tracy Thank you again and again. Your classes never fail me. My gratitude to you.

Juicy hip opening
PeacefulRN 5 months ago

Juicy stretches for the hips linked by Tracey's wonderfully encouraging cues and thoughts. I love her reminder that when encountering resistance, looking right at is is a great option. :-) Perfect advice for on and off the mat. Thank you!

Absolutey beautiful!!
Paulette9 7 months ago

Lovely lovely class, Tracey! It felt so good to open and break down the barriers. Your pacing is fantastic, as it allows to truly feel each pose! Your comments, as usual, speak to my soul!

Challenge and Release Beautifully Paired
Pam Palmer 10 months ago

I love Tracy's classes! I always feel challenged, but never discouraged. Afterwards, I am more peacefully strong. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Peace and Release
Pam Palmer 2 months ago

Doing this class 8 months later. My body is weaker, my life has a bit more challenge, and this class was, again, exactly what I needed when I needed it. You are such a gifted teacher Tracey. PLEASE! More classes!

Tracey is amazing... completely calmed my soul today! Thank you.
Jbox 11 months ago


Need more Tracy on DYWM
KiroChappy 11 months ago

I absolutely love Tracy's classes. They are a perfect blend of being a workout while nurturing your body. This class was just what my hips needed. Now we all need more Tracy classes to choose from on DYWM PLEASE!!!

alevans 11 months ago

What a lovely class! Different poses, not overly taxing. Just perfect.

My hips feel beautiful,
Becci Jean 1 year ago

My hips feel beautiful, thankyou! Namaste