Altered Perspective

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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A 'Point of View’ or ‘A Frame of Mind’ or ‘A Standpoint’ is the same as our perspective. In this power yoga class, Tracey challenges your viewpoint with an eyes-open practice based on free flowing movement around your mat. It gives a lot of attention to shoulders, heart openers, hips and forward folds. Offer yourself the gift of seeing something differently today!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Athletes


janets63 2 years ago

I always love Tracey's classes, she talks soo beautifully through all poses. Curious though, in this class why you kept making us aware of our eyes being open? One thing I know about myself, I spend a lot of time in a class with my eyes closed when possible. This was something I had to keep myself aware of keeping my eyes open. They wanted to be closed, I wanted t go inward to my place of comfort.
Thank you Tracey

Tracey Noseworthy 2 years ago

Hi Janet, thank-you for your question. It really brings up the theme of the class which is to shift our perspective. We spend a lot of time with our heads down, eyes closed and moving through life in a rather habitual way. I wanted to offer the eyes open alternative so that we can still steady our mind and keep our practice even when life seems to distract us. Keep practicing both ways, eyes open and eyes closed.

Hkeppy 2 years ago

Another great practice with Tracey. Perfect pace, instruction and some newer stretches that helped shake some unknown tension loose. Thanks, Tracey!

texasrockstar 2 years ago

I really appreciated this class. My back, heart and throat feel much more open afterwards.

Culpritsmom 2 years ago

I never realized how often I close my eyes mindlessly. It was great to mindfully keep my eyes open. This practice was so well rounded. Loved it!

goddess50 2 years ago

LOVED this practice! So unique, not only in the approach but also in some of the flows and transitions. It was quite a revelation to me to notice how often I wanted to close my eyes! Keeping them open totally changed the practice. I especially loved the binds and the wonderful twists. Thank you again Tracey :)

debkiger 2 years ago

Humbling, both physically and mentally. Challenging to both body and mind.