Align, Stabilize and Stretch

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Class Description: 
While focussing on alignment and stability, David helps you stretch out your hips, legs, back and shoulders in an effective, thorough and intense way. Engaging the proper muscles to provide the needed stability is a key aspect of doing yoga safely, as well as a the best way to stretch muscles deeply. Do this class to reinforce alignment principles, release muscles and increase range of motion in your joints. Note: you need both a block and a strap for this class.


David, thank you so much for
CristinaAurelia 1 day ago

David, thank you so much for this session. Upon completion, there is a beautiful contradiction in my body of feeling relaxed and loose, yet strong. Bless you for your incredible vision for this site, and for following through with your vision. :)

Amazing class, as always.
Karim 2 days ago

Amazing class, as always.

Thank you David, Fiji and all the DYWM gang for what you're doing for so many people around the world. It's truly a blessing.


Time to align, stabilise, stretch
Rbreid73 3 weeks ago

one of the things I love about David's classes are the way he guides transition in poses. My often impatient nature would easily mean that I didn't align correctly before entering/exiting a pose increasing the risk of injury. David's pace encourages me to slow down, think about positioning, alignment, space, and it makes for a more beneficial class all round. Great that it's a 60ish minute class too! Thanks.

Great class
Banane76 4 weeks ago

This was an awesome class. It was just the right amount of time that I needed and the stretches were great! Thank you!

Thank you great !
BernardR 4 weeks ago

I have recently joined do yoga with me and I'm really enjoying the various programs. I really appreciate Davids thoughtful explanation of each step. Really helpful for a newbie. Thanks!

Good feelings
mkzs23 1 month ago

This was a wonderful stretch to wake up to. Thank you so much!

Such a wonderful class!
spopdan 1 month ago

Joints that had been giving me trouble now feel blissfully loose and easy! Thank you so much!

By far my favourite.
catherinebowles... 2 months ago

By far my favourite. Fantastic all around stretch for the entire body. David - you're an amazing instructor!

Amazing! Did this class this
taraaubrey 3 months ago

Amazing! Did this class this morning, and it was great for my lower back!

Question: how often is this good to do?

I did this class a week ago
mzm 3 months ago

I did this class a week ago and I am still feeling the positive benefits in my alignment and posture. Thankyou!