14-Day Yoga Challenge: Day Four

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Day Four of Fiji's 14-day challenge is a short but well-rounded practice that starts with some quick warm-up poses before moving into some longer holds. A good opportunity to savour some sweet discomfort and let go of tension and stress! Click here to go to Day Five.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga


clegay4 1 month ago

The description for this class is not AT ALL accurate "more time on deep stretching, rather than the more difficult power flow poses". I thought this class would be a nice stretch after a weight-lifting gym workout, but it did not have lots of "deep stretching" and had quick flow poses.

Sylvestre 5 months ago

That was a great class ... so far every single one has been challenging but also relaxing and rewarding ... I had a hard time keeping up with the sun salutation B :-/ I look forward to a smoother experience as my strength, flexibility, and muscle memory improves.

ag329 6 months ago

Whew-this certainly generated some heat for me! Good and effective-thank you! :)

PeacefulRN 8 months ago

Short and potent.
Works as a great stand-alone practice, too. Deep stretches, a balance or two, and enough movement to get my breath quicker without having my form get too sloppy.

saccoconsulting... 8 months ago

This is a wonderful challenge and Fiji is a really great teacher. Love the strength together with the poise and almost poetic nature of her approach. "Exalted Base" "Soar like an Eagle". Beautiful Fiji. Thank you.

hazel3 10 months ago

Well, that really got my heart up... last bit of boat poses was a bit much for me today but feeling more awake than I was on this cold autumn morning. Thank you!

Lovetorun 10 months ago

Fiji is just one of my favorites. Very challenging. She reminds me to be PATIENT. I lost some ROM after Rotator Cuff surgery and this will help me with ROM.

tinksweeney 11 months ago

Day 4 is an amazing class. Challenging and got my body all warmed up. I am not sure what happens to my posts, as it seems they don’t always go through! Anyway, this class is so creative and it just flows. Thanks Fiji for sharing yourself and your gifts of being a great teacher. My body feels great! Namaste.

tinksweeney 11 months ago

Day 4!! Yeah, and my body feels great! WOW, this class got my body all warmed up. This class is challenging and was so proud of myself for keeping up!! I am also doing a 21 day bone broth plan and fast 2 days out of the week, so I wasn’t sure of my strength today, but I did it!! Thank you Fiji for another great creative pose and flow class and appreciate this series! Namaste <3 :-)

T L Cooper 11 months ago

I found this routine invigorating! I started out feeling a bit stiff and unenergetic, but as I progressed through it, I felt more energetic and more flexibl. My thoughts and emotions calmed and my body responded in kind. I very much enjoyed this routine.