10-Minute Wake-Up

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Many of us only have 10 minutes to spare before or after work, as parents or because of a busy life. This quick, power yoga flow class packs the punches in a short period of time, moving you through a vinyasa that strengthens your shoulders and core, loosens your body with shoulder stretches and backbends and finishes with seated twists.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Bookmarking this one ...
kyasarin 2 months ago

Bookmarking this one for when I only have ten minutes. A great full-body practice. Thank you!

Wonderful full body ...
dficorilli 2 months ago

Wonderful full body openers to start the day! Thank you!

I almost decided ...
duroc017 2 months ago

I almost decided to put off this video til after work, but then I convinced myself since it's only 10 minutes, and I'm glad I did! It's a nice quick way to wake the body.

Fantastic 11 min ...
Dnakagawa 2 months ago

Fantastic 11 min warm up. Definitely a goto class for morning energizing or prelim to any other class to start your day. This will also be my quick break from the desk or anytime I want to make all my cells happy. Thank you!

Time is no ...
Sharonfruchtman 2 months ago

Time is no excuse now. 11 minutes I can find no matter how busy I am.

short sweet and ...
cjfriedel 2 months ago

short sweet and to the point. great little vinyasa.

I can’t believe ...
Paulette9 2 months ago

I can’t believe we did all those poses in 10 min! Now I know that if I only have 10 min for yoga, this will be my go to! Thanks Tracey!

Tracey accomplishes so ...
mckiley 2 months ago

Tracey accomplishes so much in so little time. Less instruction. I love it.

What? 12 minutes? ...
chriscorreia 2 months ago

What? 12 minutes? What a gift! Giving me time to move onto other things, and to also open the possibility for being able to take some time at some point in the day to move again or in a different way. Surprise !