10-Minute Wake-Up

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Many of us only have 10 minutes to spare before or after work, as parents or because of a busy life. This quick, power yoga flow class packs the punches in a short period of time, moving you through a vinyasa that strengthens your shoulders and core, loosens your body with shoulder stretches and backbends and finishes with seated twists.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


A wonderful energising ...
Jenny Claire 2 months ago

A wonderful energising flowing warm up from Tracey, whether you just have a few minutes in the morning or after you've had a day at a desk like me!

An excellent quick ...
jmt905 2 months ago

An excellent quick flow - perfect energizing practice for when time is limited!

Great short class. ...
gobluegirl 2 months ago

Great short class. Packs a lot in only 10 minutes!

Tracy takes advantage ...
joaniem1 2 months ago

Tracy takes advantage of every moment. Enjoyed this one.

I heard a ...
gym1004 2 months ago

I heard a couple of cracking sounds during the class. Feels great! Love this short—powerful one, thank you Tracey!

Loved it! Perfect ...
tali 2 months ago

Loved it! Perfect for a day when I overslept!

Definitely 10 minutes ...
Maves37 2 months ago

Definitely 10 minutes spent well with a range of quicker-paced moves to heat up for the day!

Loved this quick, ...
kerskine 2 months ago

Loved this quick, invigorating class.

It really woke ...
tibig 2 months ago

It really woke me up! Thanks.