Yoga for Sciatica Relief

David Procyshyn
Instructor David Procyshyn
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If you are experiencing sciatic pain, this class will be both tough and effective. David has personal experience with sciatica and he understands how to provide effective relief for chronic sciatic nerve pain. This class repeats the best (and most uncomfortable!) yoga poses and stretches for sciatic pain, helping you release the key muscles that are responsible for the tightness and pain in the area around the sciatic nerve.

Equipment: Strap, Blankets
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Back Care


A. Curtis 1 month ago

A long-time yoga practitioner and instructor, I have had my first (and I hope only) bout of sciatica. I feel so fortunate to have found this very helpful video, and new-for-me website. This class takes takes supta padungustasana variations to an even more therapeutic level. Thank you so much for offering it!

Connienaka 3 months ago

I'm suffering from sciatica for the first time. This really helped! A few parts were really uncomfortable which is understandable but I pushed through and wow- it really gave me relief.

This will be part of my daily routine.


Stande1 7 months ago

THIS stretches exactly where I need it. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much David

Teresa Campos 11 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful class, David. I want to download it; is a small computer considered large screen? (Maybe those are two different formats and one doesn't work in both devices)
Thanks in advance for your answer.
_/ \_

David Procyshyn 11 months ago

Hi Teresa.
Thanks for the kind words. It actually depends... the mobile version will work on a computer screen but it may seem a bit pixelated if the screen is fairly large. The HD is your best bet if you want the video to be sharp.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
Take care,

NicRoy 12 months ago

I love this class and always feel very energized when It's completed. One thing I notice is with my left leg, from a previous hamstring injury, is that I feel tingling on the outer aspect of left leg. Particularily when I bring straight upper leg across lower right leg. I don't over emphasise the stretch but I can feel tingling. Should I avoid it all together?

David Procyshyn 12 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! No, you don't need to avoid it all together, but you do want to be careful not to hold the stretch for too long or move it deep enough that you feel pinching or burning. Sometimes tingling is a necessary part of releasing really tight muscles.

naomibg95 5 months ago

Thank you for the relief and precise instruction?
If there is ANY burning, I should move out of the stretch? How can I determine what pains are safe and unsafe?

Maralepp 1 year ago

This class was a blessing. Thank you, David, for always explaining the stretches in great detail. I look forward to repeating this class frequently. Namaste.