Yoga for Sciatica Relief

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David Procyshyn
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If you are experiencing sciatic pain, this class will be both tough and effective. David has personal experience with sciatica and he understands how to provide effective relief for chronic sciatic nerve pain. This class repeats the best (and most uncomfortable!) yoga poses and stretches for sciatic pain, helping you release the key muscles that are responsible for the tightness and pain in the area around the sciatic nerve.


Jujon16 5 months ago

I appreciate this class and all of your classes, and just the beauty and service you offer the world. Thank you.
Julie Johnson

Wonderfully helpful for my piriformis pain.
barbariuxf 7 months ago

Have been suffering with piriformis pain and have had to abandon my yoga classes. This helps me stay flexible and relieve the pain. Thank you so much for offering some sort of relief!!

Thank you!
JacquieO 9 months ago

I love you David Procynshyn. You are the best yoga stretch instructor! I love your teaching methods, calmness, and thorough explanations. I have chronic neck and back problems and your videos help me feel better after I practice. Thank you for this website and all the classes available.

Very effective for relieving
jpuusa 9 months ago

Very effective for relieving my sciatic pain! Clear and concise, David is an excellent teacher.

Wow! Tough but wonderful class
mkzs23 10 months ago

I felt the difference in my body. I was worried about doing it wrong and hurting myself, but David provided very good instructions.

Finally Relief!!!
sarah w 11 months ago

This was amazing, I was in agony the last 24 hours. It hurts to sit, stand, move, lay down. I was crying this morning while doing chores, being in so much pain and so frustrated. Still in pain but not agonizing pain, what a relief. Thank you David, will be incorporating this into my weekly yoga routine.

I wonder if I could ask a
Helen Alford 11 months ago

I wonder if I could ask a question? My hips (and other joints) seem to be getting more clunky as i am getting a more regular yoga practice. Is this normal? I don't experience any pain .

I suffered from sciatic pain
lindacanyon 11 months ago

I suffered from sciatic pain for over three years, experimenting with multiple stretches, myofascial release and chiropractic treatments...continued to exercise but could no longer run without immediate sciatic pain.
After doing David's sciatic relief program every other day for six months, I no longer have sciatic long as I continue following this program every other day. I am back to hiking up to 10 miles, walking 6-7 and biking 30 miles with no sciatic pain. Thank you David!

DebbyBee 11 months ago

I teach fitness classes and I have teaching my students a few of your stretches at the end of my classes. I tell them about YOU and this site. Thank you David for you kind and caring approach to flexibility training. Namaste!