Yoga for Runners: Injury Prevention

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Fiji McAlpine
Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Athletes
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Dedicated runners are constantly trying to find better ways to take care of their bodies to prevent injuries. Too many runners suffer from bad backs and knees, often forcing them to abandon running altogether. This yoga class for runners directly addresses the common physical complications that arise, keeping you injury-free and running for many years to come.


Post run perfection
freshang23 2 months ago

Another great discovery! So glad I found this. Thanks Fiji!

Post Run
Ferraris 2 months ago

I really enjoy this practice after a run. Have done it multiple times. Great stretches.

Brilliant stretch and twist FOR EVERYONE
Irishlove 6 months ago

That was a lovely, deep stretch and twist that can work for anyone who wants to go deep into the connective tissue and neutralise the lower back area. Thank you very much. Namaste from Ireland.

Very helpful for runners with
cmalmstrom 6 months ago

Very helpful for runners with tight hips or SI joint issues. thank you!

This is THE BEST. Thank you
sevisser 8 months ago

This is THE BEST. Thank you so much.

Beautiful! Did this after a
Deirdre 8 months ago

Beautiful! Did this after a bike ride. Just wonderful. Thank you.

perfect for tight legs/ hips!
lori onion 9 months ago

I would definitely do to unwind / stretch out my lower body again! super....

Fast but great moves
callawayjc 9 months ago

I agree that it seems a bit more than beginner level, but I was surprised at some things that stretched I didn't even know needed stretching! Love it and will use it a lot.

Absolutely wonderful!
sevisser 1 year ago

Maybe it's more intermediate than beginner, but this was wonderful for me post-run. I feel great. Will be doing this class again and again, I think. And Fiji is a great teacher, always giving instructions on how to execute a pose at just the moment when I need to be reminded.