Yoga for Runners: Injury Prevention

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Dedicated runners are constantly trying to find better ways to take care of their bodies to prevent injuries. Too many runners suffer from bad backs and knees, often forcing them to abandon running altogether. This yoga class is perfect for those that run and directly addresses the common physical complications that arise. This yoga sequence will keep you injury-free and running for many years to come.

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Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Back Care


MariaGlovesyoga 5 months ago

Thank you for your excellent cues and thoughtful insights....."let go of any judgments and just be"..... wonderful.....

Leahjoojoo 10 months ago

This is a class I've returned to again and again. I keep coming back to this one when I finish a run as it stretches out exactly the muscles I need and I always feel great afterwards. Perfect post run yoga/stretch out. Thanks Fiji.

nittany13 1 year ago

Love this short practice with some deep stretches. Perfect way to prepare for or stretch after a run. Thank You Fiji!

twilightbat 1 year ago

If you are like me, a humble 5k runner and a beginner-to-intermediate yogi, this class may take a couple times before you feel at home in it, but it is WORTH IT. (If you are not familiar at all with pigeon pose, my advice would be to stay with the prep that Fiji offers first and not even to attempt the full pose. I remember the first time someone had me go into pigeon pose – I thought she was crazy and something was going to break.) I too do it as a post-run class, alternating with Fidji's other post-run, and though I have come to feel the benefits of both, I would say time flies quicker with this one (though it's slightly longer) and I get up in a true state of well-being, my entire lower body feeling *oiled*.

TikiMan098 2 years ago

I love Fiji, but I was a bit confused by this class. It goes through a series of pretty deep poses in rapid succession, and almost feels like it should be called "bonus postures for runners" or something. I'd want to hold such deep postures for significantly longer and relax into them rather than quickly go from one to the next... I went into this cold, and it felt pretty dangerous honestly. I did a good 30 minutes of additional postures afterwards to finish my own session. From the comments it seems like people do this after a workout, and that seems like a reasonable thing to do. But as a stand-alone set of postures, I'd have to recommend against it. Maybe change the name or description to let folks know how to use this?

Bendyrach 1 year ago

I’ve just done this class as part of the yoga for runners’ injury prevention challenge, and experienced the same reactions as you’ve described above. I found it quite exhausting mentally too, transitioning so quickly from one posture to another when I felt I should be holding them or going deeper that I would in, say, a vinyasa class. It packs a lot in in a short space of time, but I think I would prefer to pause the video almost every time I’m in a pose to get more out of what the class undoubtedly has to offer.

mizshan 2 years ago

I've done this practice several times after long walks, lots of time on my feet, skiing, etc. and I know I will come back to it again. My running days are behind me but I appreciate the opportunity to deeply stretch the muscles of my legs and hips. Plus, there are a few vinyasas to mix things up.

sully242 3 years ago

Thank you, Fiji, for this practice, which is helping me continue to train for a marathon with a hamstring/glute
injury. So soothing!

crepuscule3142 3 years ago

I do a short warm up, go jogging and then do this practice (or the other post-run one). I'm paranoid of incurring injuries due to knee and feet issues, so I feel this is the best way to prevent them.

freshang23 3 years ago

Another great discovery! So glad I found this. Thanks Fiji!