Yoga for Runners: Injury Prevention

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Fiji McAlpine
Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Runners
Yoga for Athletes
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Dedicated runners are constantly trying to find better ways to take care of their bodies to prevent injuries. Too many runners suffer from bad backs and knees, often forcing them to abandon running altogether. This yoga class for runners directly addresses the common physical complications that arise, keeping you injury-free and running for many years to come.


GetStronger 1 year ago

Difficulty of poses, terminology, and brisk pace this too much for me.

Time flies when you're
AlAnanda 1 year ago

Time flies when you're relaxed. It was over before I knew it; but it definitely felt effective. Starting off very tight and was carefully going partway into some of the poses. Looking forward to following this class again.

Namaste, Fiji!
Turtle70 1 year ago

Great yoga class between runs, thanks!

Nice class
bredbin 1 year ago

Slightly too quick for me at the beginning but once we got to pigeon pose I was fine. Gave me a good stretch.

Mobile Divice
jdelorie 2 years ago

Can this be uploaded to a Android device?

Very energising!
LaGuiri 2 years ago

I love the combination of a fast pace with relatively easy poses. It's a very energising session, it feels great in the middle of the day.

Day After Hike
eruvande 2 years ago

I took my first strenuous, lengthy hike of the season yesterday, and woke up this morning with horribly stiff and sore legs and hips.

After this practice, everything feels functional again. Still sore, of course, but I can move at a normal pace instead of in slow motion.

As a (former) runner with hip problems, there is no equal
justing 2 years ago

I started running distances almost ten years ago at around age 30. I was born with a rotation in my hip and it turn rotates my legs and knees, and running distances on hard surfaces was too much for my joints: I ran one full marathon and a couple halves and have since then been dealing with injury after injury. I thought I was done with running until I started doing yoga a couple weeks ago, starting with this. First, I've tried a number of routines since then and this is the absolute best for my hips, legs, and lower back (which I've had separate problems with). Second, I've tried a number of different instructors on this site, and Fiji is unparalleled. She is the most descriptive and creates a calming environment to go deeply into poses with (as a beginner I also do her 45min Intro to Power Yoga). I now do this every other day and I feel great. THANKS TO FIJI!

Good class, but too fast
msmit245 2 years ago

I'm working into longer distances and am now more than ever prone to injury, so I gave this a go. The flow is too fast for me and I found myself losing form to keep up with the pace of the course. I'm sure over time though I will get better and more used to this video. Thank you Fiji!