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Yoga for Lifelong Mobility

Beginner II

“Mobility” refers to your ability to use your body with strength and ease through a full range of motion. This class with Guy focuses on improving the mobility of your body using active engagement of your muscles while stretching. Prepare to do a bit of work … and to feel better as a result!

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 9 of Total Body Flexibility And Health 14-Day Yoga Challenge For Men or Day 1 of Guy's 8-Day Yoga for Life-Long Wellness Program.

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Existing Comments

October 16, 2021

I enjoyed this class. The explanation of mobility at the top helped me focus on muscular engagement throughout.

Jen Salmon
October 5, 2021

Lovely class! Thanks Guy. I've been away from yoga for a while but your clear sequential description totally invoked my muscle memory and it feels so good!

April 22, 2021

Great class! it was my first with DYWM and a good class to begin my return to Yoga after my little "Yoga Rut". Thank you!

April 8, 2021

Good ole fiddios- my partner and I had a good chuckle. This is the first of Guy’s classes we’ve tried and we enjoyed it! Instructions were clear, well paced and it was nice to hear specific muscles called out as cues for engagement. It was slow paced but kept us engaged and had a great flow to it.

March 25, 2021

Thanks Guy, loved it, I really like how your classes are so accessible to those of us who are not so flexible. :)

March 23, 2021

Nice one! I like your positivity about our aging bodies, and the scenery could not be better!

June 1, 2021

I did this one again this morning and it turned my mood around to a more positive outlook. I know it takes some trouble to film at a coastal location, but I appreciate it so much!

February 4, 2021

I credit this class and Guy's, Yoga for Life Long strength for improving my golf game

January 13, 2021

"In the end, it's not what it looks like on the outside, but what it feels like on the inside that really matters." This holds meaning for so many aspects of life. Loved this class and your words on what is important. Thank you.

January 11, 2021

There are so many aspects of your instruction that I enjoy. At the top of the list - not just inviting to consider a modification, but teaching/modeling the softer level and offering a deeper option as the modification. People who identify as male or people who have a male body or spirit (and everyone else) can really use more of this. Thank you.

Guy Friswell
January 11, 2021

Thank you so much for your observation. There's so much wrapped up in both teaching and practicing modifications. I've come from a type-A, performance- and achievement-based background, so my past has been filled with pursuing the idealized and so-called "ultimate" expression of poses. Indeed, I even participated in "yoga competitions" in the first several years of my practice. Weird and antithetical to classical definitions of yoga, I know! We get so caught up in the external expression of poses (think: Instagram yoga), with what it looks like from the outside, that we end up missing the internal feeling of the poses. In the end, it's not what it looks like on the outside, but what it feels like on the inside that really matters. So if I, as a teacher, am always expressing some ultimate pose, it'll quickly get seen as an expression of ego, of performance, and be of no use to a deeper internal inquiry by my students. Dialing into the sweet spot is key. Now of course, my performative ego certainly gets in the way from time to time, and there's videos on this platform where I've succumbed ... but we're all practicing, we're all observing our own selves, and we're all continuously learning through this curious yoga practice. Thanks again for your supportive feedback. Much appreciated! Guy

January 21, 2021

Well said SMZalokar, and well done Guy! As someone who has limited ranges of motion, it was delightful to take a class in which all the poses felt accessible. More like this, please!

January 10, 2021

Thanks, Guy! I appreciate the way you lead.