Yin/Yang Yoga for the Hips

Sarah Jane Steele
Instructor Sarah Jane Steele
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Sarah-Jane warms you up with a fun, unique sun salutation, then takes you deep into the hips with a series of hip-releasing yin yoga poses. Yin/yang yoga is great as a yoga for beginners class, they are great for stress relief and they enhance the numerous benefits of yoga, since the warm yang so effectively prepares the body for the deep releases of yin yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Yin Yoga


tyslam 2 weeks ago

Oof! This was incredible for my hips (and back)! A class I will definitely return to. Thank you, Sarah!

kennychua 4 months ago

Is shaking a good thing in yin poses? Should I ease up to stop the shaking?

David Procyshyn 4 months ago

Shaking is fine as long as the muscles aren't really sore the next day. You could ease into the shaking the first time it happens and see if it's ok, then allow it to stay a bit longer the next time, just to be safe.

kennychua 4 months ago

Hi David, first of all thank you to you and your team for this website. Yes the butt muscles and lower back muscles were sore, but not the same kind of pain that led me to this class in the first place. That seemed to have eased up temporarily. Do you know of a resource (or maybe write about on your blog?) to understand what are some bad habits we do that cause the common types of pain that seem to face so many people? (Like slouching or sitting cross legged). And what pain is from? Weakness? Tightness? Muscles too stretched?

I have pain daily, that moves around! Sometimes it's the mid back, other times it's the hips and I can't seem to figure out what causes it. Doc put me on anti-inflammatories (which don't help) and sent me to physical therapist for 2 months (also didn't help). The PT said my body isn't using the correct muscles to just do daily activities, walk, stand, sit etc.... She said I need to strengthen and that yoga doesn't strengthen, just stretches..... but yoga DOES strengthen doesn't it?

It's probably too big a subject to write about in a comment, but I do hope to figure out what's wrong. Maybe I'll try and approach it in the forum. But some of your classes have given me more relief than anything I did in PT. I appreciate what you do!

Dawn Bowles 5 months ago

Great! Thank you Sarah - just what I needed after too much sitting time:)

deannak5 10 months ago

I have had hip issues for years, so I have to constantly work on opening those muscles. This workout is my "go to" because it gives me just what I need to ease the hip pain. I keep coming back to this one week after week--thanks!

emhenry 1 year ago

I'm sure I've posted a gushing comment before but I just have to say- again- how great I think this class is. I return to it regularly. It is my go-to when I feel my hips need some extra attention. It packs in so much in such little time. Really excellent! Thank you Sarah Jane and the DYWM team! xx