Twisty Twists

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 
Your spine will love this challenging power yoga class. Crista moves you effortlessly through creative transitions, sparks the fire within with powerful poses and helps you connect with your body, making this class so fun and satisfying. Push yourself a little, treat yourself to a truly nurturing flow and leave this class feeling so much better than when you woke up this morning. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.


Wow wow wow!
Lisole 2 weeks ago

Fun, challenging and wonderful. It left me with a very pleasant buzzing sensation. Mmmm...

Cherryl1964 3 weeks ago

Took my first class here and absolutely loved it! Thank you!!!!

Mind blowing awesomeness!!!
lovedrumtalk 1 month ago

Christa and Fiji are my favourite teachers and I must say this class really takes the cake!! Whenever I am feeling a little down mood-wise, I will always go for a Christa class and she NEVER FAILS TO LIFT MY SPIRITS.

This class is such a great addition, her classes are just getting better and better with a well rounded flow and stretching and strength building all built into it with her cheerful happy positively instructions!

Thank you so much for the love Christa. From my heart to yours. xxx

The queen of creativity strikes gold!
Kiratee 1 month ago

Wow! That was the most enjoyable class I've done in a LONG time (and I practice every day!) I love how you play with traditional poses and mix standing and seated postures so that your mind stays alert and your body doesn't get fatigued. The time flew by so fast I'll need to do his one again! Thank you, Crista, you're a lovely teacher <3

Absolutely perfect
karafrench_ 1 month ago

WOW THIS WAS A GREAT CLASS. I feel so incredible right now after having finished it. I'm someone who mostly practices yoga for the physical benefits, but this class got right down into my heart. I was left feeling serene and calm, perfectly at ease in my body and breath... now THAT is the benefit of yoga!!

well dang
pvetsen 1 month ago

Christa, you gotta stop killin it so much girl, its freakin me out. Im in America so Ive been feelin pretty down the past two days, but then you lay this bad boy on me! Thaaaank you for that sweet sweet relief!

Also, if youre used to an advanced practice dont worry, all of Christas intermediate classes are perfectly juicy. There's a reverse bird of paradise option in this one. A REVERSE BIRD OF PARADISE. Get the heck outta here.

Much love <3 stay golden n spread that sunshine

Thanks so much, you made me
Crista Shillington 1 month ago

Thanks so much, you made me laugh out loud!!!! Glad you enjoyed it :) xxoo

This was awesome
spacecase 1 month ago

I had a long day and almost skipped today.... however, I am pretty dedicated to the 30 day challenge and didn't want to give up. It looked so difficult but somehow I made it through. I feel great! I wobbled at times and couldn't hop up but your kind instruction really encouraged me to be easy on myself and just laugh it off. This challenge is honestly having such a huge impact on my mind and body.. thank you!!

Beautifully Insane
mrswright2015 1 month ago

My post title says it all. WOW!

Also, I am glad to finally meet double pigeon in DYWM world. It's one of my favorite poses.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Abigail W. 1 month ago

This class was AMAZING! I would normally have skipped over it, as it seemed a little too intense for my usual practice, but I tried it as part of the 30 day challenge, and I am so glad I did! My body feels thoroughly stretched and energized, and the way Crista narrated the class helped me shift my attitude, too. I am FLOWING now! :) Thank you.