Twisty Twists

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
Average: 4.8 (126 votes)
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Your spine will love this challenging power yoga class. Crista moves you effortlessly through creative transitions, sparks the fire within with powerful poses and helps you connect with your body, making this class so fun and satisfying. Push yourself a little, treat yourself to a truly nurturing flow and leave this class feeling so much better than when you woke up this morning. Music provided by Yogitunes. To listen to or purchase the playlist, go here.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


gholas9 1 year ago

So many different and interesting poses, your breathing was so helpful so I do not forget to. Thank you for a wonderful class.

PeacefulRN 2 years ago

Not my kind of class - the sequencing felt clunky, the teacher's loud breathing and cheesy music were distracting, and overall I felt I ADDED tension to my body instead of releasing it. Oh well...can't love them all. ;-)

Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

Love, love, love this practice - thank you Crista!
Always creative new sequences, and twists I haven't or have never done - rewiring the body with strength, flexibility, and smiles...
Great kicks too - wow, so much goodness in 50 min. Right from home on this stormy day - yay!
Bookmarked and revisited!

audreyanne 2 years ago

Just challenging enough and so so so creative. Thank you for the work, relief and inspiration!

Christine Morgan 2 years ago

This video is among the best on this site -- and that's a high bar! Thank you so much for a refreshing, invigorating workout with some unique elements to keep things interesting. And thank you for leveling it so that I didn't get overwhelmed when I couldn't do some of the more advanced moves.

cleofrossard 2 years ago

Crista Shillington, from my heart to yours, what a wonderful class!

Ktrirogoff 2 years ago

WOW!! Yes Splits training and handstands...the kicks were awesome as were the smiles...Thank you for sharing this practice with the world...LOVE

taibin119 2 years ago

I love the kicks and smiles. It helps me get stronger. I really enjoy the practice!!!

roadsofa 2 years ago

I found this practice to be a gentle flow with some wonderful angry kicks to get rid of aggression.