Strengthen Your Core and Back

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Hatha Yoga
Yoga for Strength
Yoga for Back Care
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Class Description: 

Anastasia challenges your core stability even more, with a more challenging pose sequence where she mixes quite a few core strength poses with great releases for the lower back and hips. Even though this class will push you, it will be deeply satisfying your whole body over.


One of the last positions
Ravena Rejc 1 month ago

I couldn't focus through the lengthened beginning but that was okay for me. However, I had to rewind and rewatch how to do one of the positions twice as after mentioning the strap, I got confused. I ditched the strap and just did my best after the third time of watching the position. The rest of the time it was quite pleasant.

It was a challenge for me but
MaidMarian 1 month ago

It was a challenge for me but I will keep coming back to this class. Thanks.

Back feels great
Juls1001 2 months ago

Thank you, a lovely class and just what my lower back needed.

Back feels great
Juls1001 2 months ago

Thank you, a lovely class and just what my lower back needed.

very gentle and relaxing
bronwynhegarty 2 months ago

very gentle and relaxing session. The long relaxation would be good at the end of a stressful day. I had to watch the last hip stretch again to get it as my inclination was to drop the legs opposite to what was said, although her instructions were very clear. I just needed to listen more carefully and follow them. I'll definitely be doing this class again. Thank you!

Beginning was a little too
Mogi27 5 months ago

Beginning was a little too lengthy for me, but I loved the whole thing. It took me a while to understand what the heck she was talking about in that last twist but I think it was mostly because I was trying to do too much (I like watching her do it but I couldn't really from the position I was in). Second video of hers I've watched, so far she my favorite instructor.

twisty turny pretzel poses :)
Anastasia Hange... 4 months ago

Yep, that last pose was also pretty tricky to describe, so thanks for sticking with it!

Beautiful Beginning
Becky in George... 5 months ago

This made a beautiful start to my day, and week, and my goal.
I usually challenge myself to the intermediate level classes. But, I have had a reminder, during a massage, that strong upper body and strong lower body aren't enough. So now I am challenging myself to start from the beginning strengthening my core with a goal of a healthy lower back.
Thank you for a wonderful beginning.