Strength to Surrender: A Yin to Yang Flow

Intermediate I
(104 Reviews)
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It takes courage to truly let our guard down, to release deeply held tension and patterns of meeting resistance. This practice with Fiji will flow through the ebb and flow of yin and yang energy. We will learn where and when to engage and how to fully release the body. To establish balance within, we need to bring balance to our practice.


  • Block
  • Bolster


  • Hips
  • Whole Body
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Strength
  • Spine
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Backbends
  • Legs and Feet
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Lower Back
  • Arms/Hands


  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
  • Yin and Yin/Yang Yoga
March 8, 2023

Excellent for centering, putting energetic and life lessons into the body. As you listen to Fiji's words, they are paired perfectly with this practice. Yang poses are more static, in stillness. The focus is on maintaining steady breath no matter the ease or difficulty of the pose. Or life. Namaste :)

December 27, 2022

This felt great on my lower back. And the standing poses provided much needed balance practice.