Slow Hatha Yoga Flow


Such a wonderfully relaxing
Guiness 1 week ago

Such a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial way to start the day. Thank you Anastasia

Soothing and relaxing
nadomom 6 months ago

I have stomach issues and cannot fold over or downward dog while re-cooperating. With a couple of minor modifications, this is a good class for me at this time. Thank you.

mccannjl 7 months ago

That was the perfect length, lovely and gentle, not too fast, not too slow. Just right!

Great start to a snowy
Bebby 10 months ago

Great start to a snowy housebound morning. The steady flow and attention to breath brings me to the present. Thanks for a lovely class.

Perfect Breath sequence combined with Movement
wittymoose 1 year ago

Wonderful class, perfect breath with movement combo. Needed this after doing a lot of yard work, bike riding and sitting for a long time in a meeting with resulting lower back pain (unable to lift anything). This gentle class got me moving again this morning and I'm ready to tackle the rest of my day! Thanks Anastasia!

Great class!
Janie Reynolds 1 year ago

I am a subscriber but tend to use all my favorite tried and true videos. Decided to try something new this morning. At age 64 I stick with beginner classes. This slow Hatha Yoga flow is marvelous. I have a new favorite! Thank you Anastasia.

Gentle with a Hint of Challenge
mrswright2015 1 year ago

This class is fantastic. A little bit of challenge with a whole lot of breath work. Thanks Anastasia!

coolQ 1 year ago

I am so grateful to find this DoYogaWithMe! Thank you!