Sacred Expansion

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron uses beautiful imagery - and a colorful ball - to guide you through this wonderfully challenging flow that focuses on expansion. His teaching style is like no other, full of fantastic analogies and a flow that often feels more like dance than yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Deathofanalog 4 years ago

Kudos to Ron for creating such a gentle, yet challenging flow that was incredibly playful! While upside down, he mentioned how much more different the world looks, and this comment, as well as the pose, brought me back to a memory I had as a child. My heart is so full, thank you!

Constance Marie 4 years ago

Ron, Thank you for a spiritual journey which I believe yoga is first and foremost while keeping awareness of where that is felt in one's body.
The pace of the flow allowed me to listen to myself and go deeper in a gentle, flowing way. I thought as your ball as a sacred opening my chakras I carried the centering from this practice all day. . Only one request, please do a series building on this flow practice you share so is a gift. CMM

.rtb97 4 years ago

Very zen yet a nice workout. Loved it! I feel very calm and relaxed afterwards. Thank you, Ron!

EvaMargita 4 years ago

Thank you Ron for an amazing practice! I really enjoyed the slow pace which helped me to thoroughly experience my body in the poses and I feel that the slow pace actually makes it tougher sometimes compared to quickly moving through poses. I sweated a lot while I was somehow still relaxing and at the end I almost cried feeling the ball between my hands at my heart! Amazing that it´s possible to get such an experience out of a video!!

BettsMaurer 4 years ago

Ron's pace is perfect for me. I can keep up and his imagery is quite a prop in itself. Thank you. :)

Becky in TX 4 years ago

I come out of this feeling my muscles talk but nicely. I enjoyed the transitions and the ball. It was quite natural to imagine where the ball was as I moved into each new pose.
Thank you

ArgentineLisa 5 years ago

This was a really wonderful class, long and complete. Ron's guided imagery of the ball was very helpful to me and his verbal instruction was relaxed and even. I found myself really opening up to new levels in the standing poses, which are some of my favorites. Thank you for this class! I will definitely do this program again.