Sacred Expansion

Ron Stewart
Instructor Ron Stewart
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Ron uses beautiful imagery - and a colorful ball - to guide you through this wonderfully challenging flow that focuses on expansion. His teaching style is like no other, full of fantastic analogies and a flow that often feels more like dance than yoga.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Johannasjo 2 years ago

Great class when you want to transition from beginner to intermediate. All poses are explained in detail and I love the metaphor using the ball! Thank you

BenjaminHK 2 years ago

This is a fun , challenging class that is definitely good for intermediate level to improve and push myself. I have done this class several times now. It is also amusing that at 23:40 Ron magically moves from the back of the mat to the front!! :)

thekchog palma 2 years ago

A unique class that left me feeling like my whole body was moving so much more freely. Thank you - I love the emphasis on expansion. It was very effective.

sole 2 years ago

This class is really amazing! Thank you very much Ron! Looking forward to see other classes of you on the website with such beautiful methafors and analogies! I'm a singer and I would love to have a color ball for my classes, where did you found it? thanks!

Lagunatick 2 years ago

You can buy the expansion balls on Amazon and other online shops - name of the item is Hoberman Sphere. There are two sizes.

[email protected] 2 years ago

This was one of the best yoga classes I ever witnessed. Thank you so much! I feel that my back is strong now and straight as well. I feel good, and calm and the practice was everything I was looking for. Ron is moving very gracefully and majestic! A great teacher to learn from!

danir 2 years ago

This is my new favourite class! Ron's creative imagery kept me focused on taking full deep breaths throughout (something I usually struggle with due to anxiety). I haven't felt this calm or breathed so easily in as long as I can remember. Ron's style is so unique and it resonates with me, I would love to see more videos from him. Such a wonderful gift.

MichelleRene 2 years ago

Good overview of main asanas looking forward to a class with more floor asanas.

rlafgeb 2 years ago

Ron you are a gift. "energetic suggestion" is genius.